Second week at the MTC… Say what? June 6th

This week as really flown by a lot faster than the first. Days are very repetitive and so even though each day is long, when you look back you can’t believe how much time has gone.

So here were some of this week’s highlights:
1. So earlier in the week we were going around as a district and playing never have I ever and my companion told everyone that she had never kissed a boy. And we were all like “Seriously?” And she said “well I did one time, but it was for a play, so it doesn’t count” and we kind of debated that and then Elder Damars (our district leader) said “No it doesn’t count because I once had to kiss my cousin in a play.”
…. WHAT.
hahaha. We have teased him SO HARD about it. Seriously… so funny. He gets super defensive and it’s just hilarious.
Oh… the other Elder in our district, Elder Laliss, he was playing kickball with our zone this week and he went in for a roll to avoid getting hit (which you are not supposed to do) and he broke his clavical! It was crazy! He had to get surgery like one or two days later and he has been on pain meds ever since. He doesn’t have to leave the MTC though and he should still be able to serve in Brazil with no delay as long as he gets his visa. So those are some major blessings for a really sad situation.
THis is also kind of funny: Alexandre is actually Irmao Christani! So Alexandre, who was our “first investigator” is actually our teacher now! He is an incredible teacher. One of the best I have ever had. I can’t believe how much I learn from him. He is supposed to be in the top 3 best portuguese teachers for any of the MTCs. He is so good they are letting him stay on longer! (typically they only let teachers stay for 3 years, he has been here for about 5 I think)
Guess what!!!!! For devotional Sheri Dew came and spoke! I couldn’t believe it! She is one of my absolute all-time favorites and I got to hear her in person! Every talk I have heard from her has been so motivational and direct. She spoke on being a “seeker” She did a really nice job of explaining how we should all have questions… it’s bad not to have questions. And we should ask every single one. But do it with the right attitude and in the right way. I thought that was really good…
Also so awesome: So on Sunday’s they let us watch “movies” which are basically just like really good speakers talking about different mission stuff. But there is one movie that actually is a church movie! It’s called Legacy and it’s about the pioneers. So my district went to go see it on Sunday but here’s the funny part. It’s a TOTAL chick flick! I mean half the movie is the main character falling in love! It was so so sooo funny watching this pioneer movie with all these other missionaries. Every time they kissed everyone just started yelling and clapping and freaking out. We coudn’t believe the MTC let us watch that movie! Besides the romance stuff though, it was actually a really great movie and displayed just all the stuff the pioneers went through for us.
Language is going well… It’s starting to click a little bit better. We get a new investigator this week. Hopefully I will be able to start understanding more and speaking more in this upcoming week. And faster. I speak so slowly because I have to think so much about everything.
Okay… I’m going to sign off now. I can’t think of anything else to write. I can’t believe the next time I email I will be half way done with the MTC!
Let me know if anyone has any questions for me!
Love Sister Hansen

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