June 13, 2006

Ooookay! Time to write another weekly email! The Mtc is just such a happy place. As in: the people are just so happy. It’s really refreshing to be around and embrace.

So guess what! Elder Bednar came on Tuesday to speak. it was a really incredible experience. He gave us a very special message that I know he has been saving. He actually told us it was one he had been thinking about and feeling for a very long time. It was about how each of us is a “one” in the sight of God. The extreme details of our life that He understands and how He knows us perfectly. In fact, Elder Bednar wrote a song called “One by One” about this. I was able to be in the choir that performed it for the very first time publicly. It was broadcasted to all the MTCs in the world. It was such an incredible experience! Once in a lifetime. This song was so powerful and it brought basically all of us to tears.
I have felt God’s love for me so strongly since this talk. I just know that God loves me so personally. Something that Elder Bednar said that I really struck me was “There are no coincidences when you are on the Lord’s time.” I think this is completely 100% true. I just feel like I am seeing miracles every day here and it’s undeniable that they are from God. It’s not a coincidence that I am meeting the people, learning the language, and experiencing the thing that I am that are teaching me the exact lessons that I need. it’s just amazing!
Some of the people from our zone left this week. it was really sad to say goodbye to them. one of them, Sister Phimming, is hilarious and I am going to miss her so much. Early that week she had come into our room and just attacked it. She hung princess napkins all over the cleaning and threw these like animal shapes and left a picture of herself on the mirror that said XOXO gossip girl. Also in the middle was like little plastic heart and when we opened it up there was a piece of paper rolled up that said “Ya been Phlem’d!” hahahaha. It was so funny.
The the night before she left we just sat on the floor talking and eating chips and salsa… like 12 girls just sitting there eating chips… haha.. and then we all went to bed and then at like 11pm while we were all falling asleep we heard someone run down the hall and all the sudden Sister Phelmming threw open the door, turned on the light, threw in about 15 glow sticks all lit up with a glowing hand thing that said “Ya been Phlem’d” and ran out again. Oh man.. I miss her haha. it was so funny though. I think i sent some pictures.
Language is starting to stick a little better. At least I feel like I am starting to speak in simple sentences a little better instead of just a bunch of random words. mainly, i just want to understand better. The most frustrating thing is trying to “focus on the needs of my investigators” and not be able to understand a single thing that my investigator is saying… But I guess that good part about that is I’m being forced more than ever to rely on the spirit. There’s literally no way around it! haha. That’s the only way lessons can be successful. If instead of trying to teach, I focus on being God’s mouthpiece and only saying the exact things He wants me to say.
Okay. A few more minutes. Last things… Church yesterday was really good. I just want to write down a few things that stuck out to me from all the different lessons:
The secret to enduring to the end is applying faith in every situation…
Just because we repent doesnt mean immediate change or happiness. The happiness comes when we see the change in ourselves.
Also this one has been on my mind A LOT since hearing it:
Are you content with being content?
I have been learning that it’s not okay to be content with where you are. It’s okay to be happy with where you are… but the moment you are content you stop progressing. We are progressing creatures and we should always be striving for more knowledge and truth every day! Being on a mission puts me out of my comfort zone every single day but i am learning so much from it and I am happy with my progress!
okay. till next week 🙂

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