Here comes week four!

Ooookay! I’ve got a lot to say and not much time to say it!

haha… I’ve definitely become the “classic” missionary. I’m already mission ugly, (never wear makeup, do my hair, etc) I write entirely too long of emails, and all I can think about is spiritual stuff (I can already tell everyone I will be so awkward when I get back because all I will want to do is go hand out book of mormon’s to my neighbors) hahahha…
This week has been INCREDIBLE! You wouldn’t think so because of all the bad stuff that has happened… but it has seriously been so great!!!
First of all, because the MTC’s president (President Brugees)’s daughter was in our ward, he knew to look for me when I came to the MTC! His wife greeted me epsecially when I came and told me she wanted to talk to me later. I haven’t really seen them since but then this week they came to our sacrament meeting randomly and it was so cool to have them there! They were mission president’s in Brazil and so they love Portuguese. Actually it’s crazy how many people have served in Brazil… all of the presideny of the MTC served in Brazil. Anyways, later that week President and Sister Burgees came to our classroom while we were studying and they said they wanted to talk to me because they still didn’t feel like they had gotten a chance to… It was so cool! They said they were in the middle of meeting but they felt they should take a break and come talk to me and the rest of the district. really it was just so amazing. I have pictures somewhere and will hopefully send them today.
Next, I keep forgetting to mention this but basically our entire district got really sick the last couple of weeks. I have no idea why I kept forgetting to say that in emails but it was actually a kind of big deal. I think every single person in our district except for maybe like 2 people ended up with fevers and no voice etc… but everyone is healthy now! So we are glad that’s over!
Okay so this is the really big news!
So for the people who were wondering why I was sent to the Provo MTC and not the Brazil MTC this is why: My mission is getting a new mission president… in fact a lot of missions are getting new presidents. And all of the presdients are coming here for a few weeks to be trained. So they wanted us to be here with our presidents. Anyways, my president came at the beginning of last week and he has been here with us all week long! Him and his wife seem so wonderful even though they hardly speak any English. We eat meals with them a lot and practice Portuguese. I will hopefully send a picture of me with them as well! we will be flying to Natal with them in a few weeks.
So because there are so many new mission presidents (They said there are 170 new misson presidents here with their wives) there is this HUGE week-long conference/seminar/training thing they are doing. Apparently all the apostles are going to be here all week long except for the prophet. So they are going to just be walking around campus! How crazy is that?! It is just so so exciting. The down side to it though is they are not going to be speaking to the missionaries, only the new presidents, and they are going to be doing the conference in the caferteria.
So bascially, the cafeteria has been slowly shut down. starting wednesday, we won’t be able to go to it at all. We are going to get sack breakfast lunch and dinner every single day for all of this upcoming week. Already it’s been kind of miserable with food. There are very limited options, it runs out quickly, and the half sized cafeteria is always PACKED. I think I hit an all time low last night when for dinner I sat on the cafeteria floor, ate a bowl of dry mini wheats, and drank a glass of apple juice… haha. Health is no longer an option. but if I get to shake an apostle’s hand it will all be worth it!
Here are some other crazy things… So a big part of our zone is leaving this week but even more are coming in! It is going to be SO SO packed.

We are getting at least 19 new sister missionaries and I think 10 new elders? Our floor is going to be so full and we are getting 2 new sister’s in our room. I think they may end up splitting our zone? Nao sei…
One last thing: apparently there are bat’s in the vents of our residence hall. So they have these really high-pitched sounds to keep them from coming onto our floor. But this week a bat got out and was flying around and we all had to stay in our rooms for a really long time until they could get it out. Also, the bat got into some of the girl’s rooms and they didn’t get bit or anything but because they were near it they have to get rabbis shots and stay an extra week at the MTC. That would be awful. so glad I am not them… We call them the Rabbis ladies. haha
I make it sound like the MTC is falling apart but I promise it is better than ever! It’s been a great week. We can’t believe that when these people leave we will be the oldest in our zone. We are already coming up with some great initiation ideas haha.
okay I only have a few minutes left but just a couple last things!
1: this quote basically describes what I feel like I am trying to gain as a teacher here at the MTC…
It is true intelligence for a man to take a subject that is mysterious and great in itself and to unfold and simplify it so a child can understand it.
2. Our teachers are seriously INCREDIBLE. I seriously think they are some of the best teachers I have ever had in my life and they are so young! One in particular: Irmao Cristani… He just blows my mind. The way he teaches is so extremely powerful. I learn so much from him.
This week he told us that our district is very different than the others he has taught. He said that he feels we are able to understand teaching concepts that he has never before shared with districts. I think that is pretty cool… I can tell that if I apply all that he is teaching me about using the Spirit in lessons I will be able to be a successful missionary.
As long as I can learn the language that is! Seriously I need to start getting the hang of the language thing… I feel like I get the concepts but application is very hard. Our whole district decided we would work really hard on that this week.
Main take away from this week: Without faith in God I am nothing. every good thing I have in life is because of my faith in God.
I just need to stay humble enough to remember that!
Okay. That’s all. Love everyone!
Sister Hansen
PS: Sister missionaries in Brazil are called “Sister”… others in the ward are called Irma… but Irma also means nun… so we don’t want people getting confused…. so they call us “Sister”

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