6 days left in the MTC!!!!

Wow has the time flown or what? We got our flight plans on Friday and we are going to be leaving on July 4th at 2:08pm! We are probably going to get to the airport at 10:30ish am, wait about 4 hours and then fly to Atlanta. From there we have a 2 hour layover and then we are off to San Paulo! It will be an overnight flight. Following that we will fly to Natal. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I am going to be leaving here in just 6 days. It’s pretty scary seeing as I still am not feeling super confident in the langauge… MAS eu sei que Pai Celestial vai ajudar me. Entao…. esta okay.

This past week has been weird and crazy busy.. particularly today.

First off, the food has been a struggle. I have not been eating very well but I have had literally zero control. We get the cafeteria back today though so that’s nice! No more Chick-fa-le and taco bell!
Second… We were asked to Host on Wednesday… Wednesday was crazy because we had 800 missionaries coming into the MTC. Basically doubling the numbers we had before! Hosting is where you wait at the curb while the missionaries come pulling in and then you escort the missionary you are given to their rooms, help with luggage, etc. We are going to be Hosting again this Wednesday as well!
The teachers situation has been a little odd. One of our teachers just left to do a study abroad in Mexico, so we got a new one, but she left on Saturday to go to Lake Powell. So we will have another new one starting today! Our teacher Irmao Christani has been with us since the beginning though and he is by far the best. I feel extremely lucky to have him. Wow… I’m pretty sure we all wish we could take him to Brazil with us.
Today we were asked to clean the temple so we spent the first 3 1/2 hours of our P-day doing that. It was awesome because they took us to some room I had never been in before. The temple is so beautiful!
After that Sister Phipps and I did a lot of packing. We are trying to get ahead because we know we are not really going to have any time to do it before we leave next week.
Oh! On Sunday I watched Meet the Mormons for the first time and I actually really loved it! I had never seen it before but it was cool to see how many different ways there are to be LDS. And what a variety of people there are in the church… It’s truely a worldwide religion. So cool!
Okay. well… I think that’s all. As always I am doing very well.
The next email you receive from me: I WILL BE IN BRAZIL.
Crazy. Love you all! Love being a missionary!
Sister Hansen

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