Eu sou uma Brazilheira agora!

hey everyone…. well im here! and this computer is AWFUL. but i am here in brazil and all is good!

ihavent written an emailin two weeks andthere is way too much that has happened to try and write it all, but i~ll do my best. again: this is one of the worst computers i have ever used.


seriusly, it is extemely amazing here. the landscape is really pretty and i love he way the city is set up,but mostly, i just lovethe people. and the culture. the people are very different than americans. in the sense that they are about ten times more friendly. seriously! so friendly! everyone you meet, you hug. (well not the guys but thats just because sister missionaries can~t hug men) but yeah , it~s not just like a pat on the back, its a BIG hug and kiss on the cheek haha.

my companions name is Sister Barbosa. I love her! sheis seriously so awesome. she is a great missionary and has got the mission allfigured ot even though she ahas only been here for 7 months. i have a lot to learn from her! also, although she is a natiive brazilian, she is basically fulent in english. ihave no idea how honestly… a lot f people here speakquite a bit of english. hey all study it in school and all the movies and music they use is in englsih. its awesome! also slightly frusting because they all know more english than i know portuguese haha

really qick: im sosorry i havent sent pictures and i cnt sed them this week either… the computer cant atach them. hopefully next week?

honestly, everthnig is so great. i love it… the only difficulty (snf honestly its a pretty big difficulty: I DONT SPEAK PORTUGUESE! haha) it;s rough, i dnot understad anything. and i mean taht quite liternally, nothing… haha. they speak very fast here. in fact they do bascailly everyhing fast here. talk fast, walk fast, eat fast) etc. thy have such a heavy sotaque as well (accent) that even words i do know in portuguese i don~t understand when they say them. haha but i just love this cultre so mcuh!  i want to be one of them! i want to learn the language ore than anyting! i eat think and breath Portuguese every day. i honestl don~t know if ive ever studied something so hard in my life! haha.

few random things ive writtne down hat i want to say:

1 ive reached a new level of ugly that i didnt know i was capable of reaching haha. makeup is thoroughly non existent for me. haha…. when i do finally send pictures: please dont judge haha

2 id say about 1/3 of the men here have decided to boycout shirsts completely. that might be a slight exaggeration, but yeah, a lot of men don~t wear shirts. cloths in general dnot seem to be vey popular heer. hahaha

3. oh! my feet! haha.. they look like knarly trees!!! every year i get lots of blizters from running. but i have blisters now that ive never had before.haha lots of walking!

4 oh one random thing thats pretty funny: because i dont speak portuguese, i ofen get the vibe that soe people think i am literally stupid haha. like when i talk tothem they look at me like iam not all there in the head. hhahaha rough stuff. also it~s just kind of part of their culture todo things that in america are kind of degradng. for instance: my companion likes to tell me when its tie to cross the street… and then hold my hand while we are crossing hahaha. also earlier today she explained to me how street lights work. (green means go. yellow means slow down. red means stop… for any of you who didnt know that. I~m sure glad i understand that now1 hahaha)

5. the food is great1 more variety than i expected. not too many fruits or vegetables but i think those are moe seasonal thinsg. mainly we eat a lot of meat, bread, rice, beans, etc. i love acai! it~s delicious!

one last thing: this week we have done bascially no missionary work because we currently dont have a house. we have spent the entire week looking for an apartment because the apartment we were supposed to live in was robbed right beofre i came so its not safe to live there anymore. so yeah! everyone pray we can find an apartment!

my area is amazing. i think the bes in the misson. it includes the beach! we are going there later today. i cant wait 🙂 very very happy heer! i have much to learn!

muito amor!!!!

Sister Hansen


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