The area i am in right now: Pirangi

Great area and great people! They are very humble and dont have much. But apparently this is one of the most rich areas in all of the mission… it will be interesting to see what happens when i get sent to a new place.
An apartemt still has not been found… honestly that part of life has gotten a little ridiculous but im getting used to it now. not that bad! we are currently living with in another set of sister missionary´s apartment. an apartment for 2-4 and there are 6 of us. haha. also its not in our area so we take the bus every day to our new area.
this week we did get to teach more! we are teaching a couple of people that i just have really grown to love. this first is this little girl named Joisely. oh man she is cute. she is hoping to get baptized but its difficult becuase she diesnt get much support from her family. Her mom has 4 other kids and doesnt think she has time to listen to us. She has never gone to any schooling and doesnt know how to read or write. Its pretty humbling. for her signature on Josiely´s baptismal papers, she had to do a thumb print because she can´t write her signature.
Jurandi is an older guy and very enthusiastic about learning more about the church. he doesnt have any teeth though so i can~t really understand anything he says ever hahaha
Jeovanah is a great guy. him and his girlfriend just got married and then baptized. they have a little son, Davi who is the cutest little guy. His wife kind of struggles and is nervous abou the church still but Jeovanah is just incredible. He had a really serious drug addition but he has gotten over that and completely turned his life around. its amazing to see progress in people´s lives like that.
Im feeling a little more independent finally! its great! haha. I think i can understand a little more this week though it is still extremely hard. I am trying to practice speaking more…. its hard to trak any kind of progress. its kind of like my skin tanning. every day i cant see a change but then i look back after a week and I think its darker. Same thing with the language. its a VERY slow and frustrating process. a lot of times I dont think it will ever happen.
But its also been the most faith building experience ever. I´ve had to pray more than ever before in my life. Prayers of desparation a lot of the time 😛 haha and I can say with so much surety now that God is real and is helping me. I know that I can learn this because of Him. I am so much progress to be made in the next year and a half but I am so excited for it!
On Sunday I gave my first talk in church. (yes, in Portuguese). terrifying but I think it went well. I spoke on faith. just because thats what has been on my mind a lot lately. My companion says that when I speak I dont have very much of an accent! thats super exciting because a big part of this langauge is the accent!
well I am giong to sign off now so I can take some time to try and send pictures. Its a struggle. Hopefully I can get a few sent!
Love you all and hope you guys have a great week way out there in the crazy USA!

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