2 months down, 16 left to go!

Today marks my 2 month completed here on the mission! It´s like my monthiversary. haha. This morning I work up to my companion and the other sisters that live here (Sister Braz and Sister Ramos) singing the happy birthday song with a little muffin type thing and a candle stuck in the middle haha. They are the best… super funny, always laughing, and very easy to get along with.

Honestly I feel super blessed to be serving with these sisters. I think that has been my favorite thing about this culture. Many people here have nothing but the lives the live I think are the happiest on earth. I have a lot to learn from them! This is a testament more than ever that its not stuff, experiences, reputation, or power that makes you happy…. its the way you love and serve others. Thats what the people of Brazil do! Especially the sisters I am serving with– I just love them.

WE FOUND AN APARTMENT. This is by far the highlight of my week. It was a lengthy process but so worth it because now we have a beautiful apartment. I was able to unpack all my cloths, take some real showers, buy some real food, crazy what a difference that makes. Our apartment is gorgeous. Because it is new and empty the mission president bought us new dressers for all our stuff to! Major major blessings.

I am starting to understand more which is great! speaking comes very very slowly for me. My big goal for this week is to start talking more. Its scary because I know that when I do talk I make about a hundred mistakes, but I am never going to learn until I just open my mouth. The idea of being ´fluent´in a new language seems very very difficult right now– almost impossible– but I have more faith than ever that through God its possible! Again, I just cant do this on my own. But through Him I know that all things are possible!

We have a great ward here and great members. They are bery ´Brazilian´ haha. Just a lot of culture. Every day we have lunch with different members. I feel like I am finally starting to get to know them all a little better.

Our area is amazing to. I havent been to other areas in our mission, but my opinion is that mine is the best in the mission. Right next to the ocean, lots of cool culture to see, and lots of people to teach!

Honestly this place is basically the best place in the world to do missionary work. People are SO receptive. Id say 70% of the people say yes when we ask them if they would like to hear a message about Jesus Christ, etc. The only problem is they dont keep commitments. They just agree to everything but dont follow up. That will be a huge part of my mission– learning how to teach through the Spirit of God so people have a desire to keep their commitments and learn more.

A couple of funny things: 1, I think its really funny when Brazilians yell. It sounds more like singing because they keep the accent on the word.

2. The word for pull is Puxe (they pronouce is Pushy)… slightly confusing at times.

3. Brazilians dont know how to make cookies. Very weird. They need to be taught haha

4. Not only do a lot of Brazilians kiss their cousins, but at times they even marry their cousins. Verrrrrry strange.

Mas, no Brasil, e normal!

the computer is a lot better this week so I am going to try and send some picutre!!

Sister Hansen


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