Oí! Pessoas do Estados Unidos!

Well another week here in the beautiful land of Brazil!

Here´s a quick overview of all that has happened:
last P-day we went to the beach! Super fun. We got some pictures that I am going to try and send but it was extremely extremely windy so I they didn´t turn out very good. But wow. I´m pretty sure I am serving in the most beatiful mission ever. The beaches here are so beatiful.
We had a multi-zone meeting this week and a member of the 70 came and spoke with us. Honestly, that day was a little rough for me. haha. As most funny stories I have in my life, they are at my own expense. But I´m willing to share! I woke up, it was chaotic getting ready because the meeting started at 7:30, got ready super fast and ran to the bus with the other sisters. We got there just in time and jumped up but the moment I sat down I realized—- ´onde está minha plaqueta???` nooooo hahaha… I forgot my nametag. FIRST TIME IN THE WHOLE MISSION. worst day to forget it ever. anyways, and elder gave me on of his extras for a while so I was ´Elder Carlos` for a bit. But when we got there we had to go greet Elder Maquinka? I don´t remember… the member of the 70. I was so nervous because I didn´t want him to realize I didnt have my nametag. Anyways, I decided it would be better if I went without one than the name of an elder… my companion just told me to say my name quickly, shake his hand and move on. So I went up there, shook his hand said my name and the first thing he said was ´where is your nametag sister?!´ AWWW. I could have DIED. hahaha. anyways, I told him I forgot it and life moves on I guess. After that I spilled chocolate milk all over myself. rough day. haha.
The buses have been down this week so we have been doing a lot of walking. I LOVE walking though so I didn´t really mind it 🙂
I wanted to write a little about some of our investigators/ recent members. First: Geovanny. Geovanny is such an amazing guy. I think I wrote about him awhile back but after overcoming a drug addiction and getting married he was baptized and is now recieving the priesthood!
I also have been helping Geni a lot lately. Geni is the tiny little old ladyo can´t be more than 5 feet tall and loves the gospel. I can´t understand a word she says haha. She read the book of mormon in 3 months when she got it and attends church every week even though she struggles to even walk. She does everything herself and she is 84 years old!
Also a family we talk with a lot, Neide, Neida, and Joannah. They run a beauty salon and are so so kind. They are so quick to love and always give us food every time we visit. Neide really wants to get baptized but first she has to get married to her boyfriend.
I have a strangely intense love for these people. I can´t understand them, I can´t do much for them, but for some reason I just want to cry when I am around them or ever just think about them because of how much I love them. There lives are so important to me. I want them to all be happy and do anything I can to help them!
Our ward here is really incredible. Every single day we have lunch with a different family in the ward. Some of the most giving people ever… You can tell they put so much effort into every single meal that has been prepared.
These experiences are amazing and I feel so blessed to be here!
The church is true everyone. It´s an undeniable fact and as people come to God through faith, repentance, baptism, and the Holy Ghost they find themselves. I have seen it time and time again and know that it is the one and only way to be truly happy. Heavenly Father is our literal Father and Jesus Christ is our Savior!
Muito Amor,
Sister Hansen
 IMG_0364 IMG_0358 IMG_0353 IMG_0348 IMG_0340 IMG_0335 - Cópia DSC03914 DSC03896

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