August 8, 2016

Hellooo  everyone.

haha, its amazing how much my week blurs when I look back every P-day and try to figure out what to write about for the past week!
I think the most exciting thing that happened this week was that we had a lot of success on Sunday! These past few weeks we have been doing a lot of contacts because not many of our investigators have been progressing very much. They always say they `believe´ or are interested, etc… but when it comes to keeping commitments it all falls through. typical brazil haha.
But this past Sunday my companion and I decided to fast specifically about having more success with our investigators. Amazing the power of fasting!
Every Sunday we wake up early (around 5, 5:30) so that we can get ready and go to our area and try to get people to come to church with us. basically we go to our investigators houses and clap and yell and try to wake them up. haha… (missionary work is very different here than it is in the states :P) anyways, every Sunday we do this and no one ever comes with us but this week we had 4 investigators come! The first was a young 12 year old girl named Micheali. It was her birthday on Sunday and she still came! Next was this old couple, Ana Maria and Josue. Man I love this couple… Josue has Alzheimers and doesn´t say much… his wife, Ana Maria does everything for him. She is a very happy person and loves to talk! The first time we taught her she immediately told us her life story and then after the lesson tried to feed us everything in her house. (Everyone loves to feed us)… I love the food here but the soup she gave us was truly awful hahaha. Even my companion (a native Brazilian) couldn´t eat it. Also when she found out I was american she started pulling out all these weird Brazilian foods that she wanted me to try. I´m not sure all the stuff I ate that night but I left feeling pretty sick haha. anyways, back to church. They came and also one of our investigators from my first week here, Jurandi! We didn´t stop by his house or anything but when we showed up at church he was there!
We also had two of the less active members from our ward that we have been helping come to church.
to those who have asked, the olympics havent changed anything here at all. occasionally we will see it on people´s tv´s but other than that not much different!
have I talked much about the food? Its not that different honestly… the foods they have here that aren´t in the states: AÇAI! Açai is a super good fruit from that Amazon that is put into like icecream form. Rumor has that its actually good for you? Nao sei. But its super delicious.
Also we eat a lot of tapioca. I love tapioca! I make little tapioca pancakes and eat them with eggs.
They use little potato strip things a lot on top of the rice and beans
Also there is a lot of juices here that we don´t have in the states
But other than that I think we have all the same foods in the states that they eat here!
I don´t have much else to say about this week but I am healthy and well!
I am really excited for this upcoming week and expect to do a lot of work!
I love you all and will write again next week.
Sister Hansen

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