Hello everyone from the life before the mission! haha.

Hey everyone! my first transfers was last Tuesday in Brazil! So crazy!! Except not really. haha. My first transfers week was extaordinarly uneventful. I´ll be sticking with the same companion, same girls at the house, same area, and bascially the same district!

I really love this place though so it will be good to continue learning here 🙂
This week had some days that were extremely slow and some days that we extremely busy! I think yesterday was the craziest. We wake up early every Sunday, typically around 5ish, to pass by the houses of all our investigators before church. So we left the house around 6am and didn´t return until about 8pm, full day! At church we had Jurandi show up again with his granddaughter. Jurandi is an absolutely amazing investigator. He is full of questions and a desire to do what´s right. He has about 65 years and always gives us the most delicious food EVER.
 There are some signs you can always look for to know if an investigator is progressing or not.
1. Do they keep appointments? often times we´ll make appointments and then show up and no one is there. Either that or they are home but won´t answer the door because they don´t want to talk with us. Jurandi is always there at appointments and always ready to talk!
2. Do they hide there book of mormons let alone read in it? It´s really sad when we give our invests. BOM´s and they say that will read a chapter from it and then you return and it´s tuck away, out of sight and out of mind. Jurandi always has his book of mormon sitting on the table for all to see and he read from it often!
3. Do they pray to receive an answer? We always tell our invest. that if they want an answer they need to read the BOM and pray. Always. How many actually do it? Sadly basically none. It makes me so happy when Jurandi tells us that he has been praying. Also, when it comes time to pray at the end of the lesson he often volunteers to pray and always includes in his prayers that he wants to know what is right and choose the path God wants for him.
These are such good signs and that´s why I know that he will one day decide to get baptized! Anyone who truly has a desire to know and is actually willing to act on that desire by reading and praying will get an answer from God.
After church we had almoço with one of the families in our ward that is really awesome. We helped them with some stuff around their house afterwards and then it was time for Ward counsel!
This was my first ward counsel and it was crazzzy. Over two hours long, lots and lots of discussion about things that I am assuming are important, lots of papers with Port. being passed around, lots of opinions, and I didn´t understand a bit of it! haha. Some situations in Port are easy to understand… others it´s basically impossible. Apparently ward counsel is one of those impossible ones haha. It was rough! But I said a prayer in there (basically praying that I wouldn´t freak out) and I felt a lot better after that.
At least I can know that when I can understand ward counsel I will be fluent in Portuguese! haha.
I wanted to mention one Sister in our ward who is really awesome. Her and her husband have three kids but they are all grown and married. Now in the house she takes care of probably 5-6 other young teenagers. We are not sure who these kids are but basically each of them has been ditched by their parents. So she has taken them all in and helped them out. It is so amazing to see Christ-like people like that. Her and her husband don´t have much money but they use every penny they do have to serve others! Whenever we have lunch with her family they always feed us first and I am pretty sure often times they go without much food. It´s so so humbling. Despite rough circumstances they are some of the happiest people!
I´m learning more than ever that happiness doesn´t depend on how much money, or things you have, but on how much you love in life.
I´ve always been told that and always believed that but I´m finally actually experiencing it for myself! The mission is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I know I will return a changed person!
I feel so blessed to be here and will continue to improve as I help other´s improve their lives.
Lots of love for you all and I hope everyone has a great week 🙂
Challenge: Ditch one episode of Netflix this week and instead use that 1/2 hour to hour to serve someone!
Sister H

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