A week for the books!

This week was one for the books! We did our regular work on TuesdayWednesday, and Thursday… but Fridaythings started going crazy!

After almoço with a family in our ward Sister Ramos started feeling pain in her side. After that my companion said she felt pain too but in a different area of her stomach. Anyways, they decided to go home and rest while me and Sister Braz went to their area to work. That night Sis Braz called the apartment and Sister Ramos was still in pain. SOO. Sis Braz decided to take her to the hospital. When we go home my companion was asleep but we woke her up and she said she was still hurting too… So we took her to the hospital too!
Brazillian hospitals are a little scary haha.
Very dark… VERY cold… and there isn´t much space inbetween the healthy people and the sick people. For someone who hates shoots, needles, and basically anything that has to do with medical tools, it wasn´t a very pleasant experience. Apparently the first reponse to any kind of sickness here is to immediate start giving shots and hooking you up to all kinds of machines. Anyways that´s what happened with us! They hooked Sister Barbosa and Ramos up and started pumping meds into them. After about an hour or so they told Sister Barbosa she was fine but Sister Ramos they wanted to check out a little more because the loction of her pain was odd. By this time is was midnight so Sister Barbosa and I returned to our apartment while Braz and Ramos stayed at the hospital.
Then at 1:30am in the morning-ish Sister Barbosa woke me up and told me she thought she was having an allergic reaction to the medication they gave her. So we called up the President and back to the hospital! haha.
When we got there Sister Barbosa and Sister Colleoni (President´s wife) went back to get medication and it was just me and President in the (freezing) waiting room haha. So I just talked with President for like 3 hours in broken Portuguese until 5am in the morning! haha it was actually really great to get to know him better though and talk with him about my expereinces so far on the misison
The next day we all went home (Sister Braz, Barbosa, Ramos, and I) and slept a lot. haha
Anyways, that´s been the highlight of the week… everyone seems to be healthy and happy now so bora lá for this week! Trabalho! haha
Sunday was really good and we had a rapaz (teenage boy) come to church with us. He seems to really love the church and has accepted baptism! (now we just need his parents permission… sometimes thats a big struggle)
Also on Saturday night I talked with Sister Redford on the phone!!!!
Sister Redford is from the CTM with me and right now she is living with Sister Phipps (my last companion) It was SO good to talk with her.
Man I really really miss everyone from there. It was great to hear that they are doing good!
okay that´s all I have for this week. I am so grateful to be here and have been learning a lot these last few weeks! I am excited to start applying all of it after my training.
Thanks everyone for all the suport and love 🙂
 IMG_0407 IMG_0406 IMG_0425 IMG_0419

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