I´ve lost track of what week it is. D: the mission life has begun!!

The time has flown and I don´t have much time with write at all, but I´ll give the briefest summary of the most crazy week of my life!

The struggles far out-number the joys but the joys far out-weigh the struggles.

I was told this quote a few days ago and I would say that pretty much sums up my week here in Brazil.

It has been the most difficult and challenging week yet emotionally, physically and spiritually but it has also been by far the very best yet!! I have witnessed so many miracles its impossible to count!

It started out very very slow. More trips to the hospital and it ended up that Sister Ramos and I stayed in the apartment all of TuesdayWednesday, and Thursday while Sis Braz and Barbosa went to both of the areas and worked with all our investigators there.

After these three days however things started to get absolutely crazy.

Friday we did a bunch of work with a family that is wanting to get baptized, but first they need to get married. So that was a ton of work plus a bunch of other stuff. To cut things short by the end of Friday we were all pretty stressed out and exhausted.

That night I prayed harder than I think I have ever prayed before in my life.

I personally have never received such strong answers and personal comfort to prayer… The miracles that have occurred Saturday and Sunday are too many to count!

After a TON of work though we ended up having 3 baptisms this week. Two twins (Lucas and Matteus) and Nilda (in the other Sister´s area)

I can´t quite describe how much joy is felt in these moments… It´s something that words just can´t be put to but wow, it was amazing. Sunday we started at 5am and didn´t end until 7pm at night, We were all fasting hard for our investigators… Fasting works the greatest of miracles!

We ended up having 15 investigators at church this past Sunday and the majoirty of them went to Nilda´s baptism afterwards! I think many of them will decide to get baptized as well.

No more time to write but love you all and more next week!


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