Week 12 has been completed!

Week 12 has been completed! Wohoo!

This upcoming week I will officially move from a greenie to a real full blown missionary!
Super cray.
We will find out transfers this Tuesday and they the changes will happen on Wedndays
Anyways, this past week has been crazy!
On Thursday we had a wedding!!! It was a couple in the other Sister´s area but since this past transfer I have almost spent more time in theit area than our own I think I can count it haha.
This couple is so amazing. They have faced a lot of trials… they have no money, they drank and smoked, and they were not married. But they knew the gospel was true and they have completely changed their lives so that they could be baptized! A couple weeks ago Sister Braz and I were teaching them. We had brought calenders with us with dates to help them quit smoking and drinking. When showed them the calenders and asked they if they thought they could follow it and stop drinking and smoking by the days we had listed. Gilberto (the husband said) `ya know Sisters, I have faith enough to smoke smoking and drinking by the 16th!`(one week before we had choosen for him) and then Lucia said the same! How absoultey amazing the faith of this couple. Anyways, they were married and baptized on the same day this past week and it was just beautiful, They are so happy to have the gospel.
Also I wanted to update on Alexandre! (The less active member Sister Ramos and I found last week). On SaturdaySister Ramos and I were alone in her area again and he is the first house we went to! When we got there though no one was home. We didn´t want to leave though… we waited for about 15 minutes and talked with the neighbors to see it they knew where he was. No one knew though… We evenutally decided to leave a note inviting him to church and with our names and number. We said a prayer that he would get the message and left. About 3 hours later while we were waiting for the bus to take us back to our apartment we got a text. It said this `Hi Sisters, The truth is I was home when you passed today. But for personal reasons I was too scared to open the door. Also my dad did not want to talk with you. But I want you to know that last week when you returned and invited me to pray I was very touched and after you left I started to cry. When I got your message today that you both had left I knew I needed to return to church. I will come to church tomorrow— until then, goodnight´
WOOOHOOOO. So amazing.
The next day was Sunday and we waited for him during the first hour but he didn´t come. We called and he didn´t answer. We decided to pray and then called again. He answered this time and said he had overslept… We told him there was still time and the last hour was sacrament meeting. He came for the last hour!!!
I spoke in church this past Sunday and after me two other people in our ward spoke and I think the messages were just perfect. Afterwards he was all smiles and so many people were talking with ihim and making him feel welcome. Just really awesome 🙂
Also Jurandi is basically a member now. He comes every week all by himself and all he needs now is a baptismal date!
There are so many great things going on in this area– I love the people so much and am so grateful I have this time to serve them. I feel such a heavy responsibly personally to be the best I possibly to truly represent Christ. I know the more converted I become, the more power I will have to be able to help others to be converted to Christ.
THhanks everyone for the constant love and support!
Sister Hansen

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