Oct 3, 2016

hey everyone! gotta make this email suer qick. first off: tranfers.

I was tranferred to a new area with a new comp!
The name of my copanion is Sister Sigaran. She is from El Salvador and has 9 months in the mission. She is so awesome! I love her– she loves to work so we we will a lot of great things here!
Our area is Rio Branco (White River) We are opening this area so it´s a lot of work! Right now there is basically nothing so we do a lot of contacting every day!
This past week was General Conference 🙂 Woohoo! Sadly we only saw the sunday session because one rule of the mission is that we can only go to conference on satuaday if we have investigators. And since we are opening ahn area we di d´t have anyone. but sunday we have 2!
Anyways. not more time to write now. By the way g tIy I am writin g  this late because tday was elections and everything was shut down. So ewe are using the computer of a member (it´s truly an awful computer hahaha)
Love you all!

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