October 10, 2016

Hellllooo everyone! I have a ton to catch up on, but I am pretty sure it´s impossible to do it all right now 😛 haha
But yeah, my companion and I are opening and area here: Rio Branco 2. It´s a pretty big area, rich, and right on the coast! I see the beach everyday and we always have a great ocean breeze. There are a LOT of hills here, one day I will take a picture, but man, I´ll get calf muscles for sure this transfer haha. Before us this area was the area of the Assistants to the President except with the Aisstants it was just one giant areas, now it is split in two with two different sets of sisters. This is a good thing and a bad thing! Good because we are starting with a well established system but difficult because every day we get the question ´wheres the Elders? Why don´t we have Elders anymore?´ haha, the Elders were definitely loved here.
haha, the Elders worked a lot in the area of the other sisters so our area is pretty barren right now. We are working so hard to find people to teach! So far we have found a couple of investigators really special… One girl in particular we are teaching who is extremely smart. She has depression so sometimes it is hard for her to believe in God, but we have been working with her a ton and teaching her about faith. She has a little son who she loves a ton and wants a good future for. We have been teaching her about how the gospel will bless her family and how first we must act in faith and afer miracles will occur. We  found another family this week that I already just love. We are going to work with them a ton this week too. They have a 13 year old son who already accepted baptism but we want to teach the whole family.
Anyways, things are busy and great here! I live with my companion (Sister Sigarán) and two other Sisters, Stadler and Newman. Sister Stadler is an amazing Sister and a HUGE example to me. Sister Newman as well, another American who is finishing her first 12 semanas. Sister Newman and I never speak English because we both want to keep pregressing with the language but it´s pretty fun to live with another American because we can connect on some things culturally. Also! She loves to run! Wooohhooo!! We run every morning together. She also does P90X stuff that´s super intense. I haven´t done that with her yet but should probably start… haha.
Anyways, until next week! Love you all!!
Love Sister Hansen
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