Ola O Estados Unidos!

Hello… it´s me. haha

This week has been great! Probably one of the fastest weeks yet on the mission for me. Feels like I was writing emails yesterday and here I am again!
Things are going really well in this area. I am learning a lot, teaching more everyday, English is getting harder and harder and the Portuguese comes more naturally everday.
This past week we found some investigators who are awesome! All the good investigators we found this week I attribute to the same thing: fasting.
My testimony of fasting has grown so much this week!
During this transfer I have been fasting one day out of every week. But this past week I did it twice– and I saw so many miracles during this time!
So here are the experiences I had this week: One Tuesday night we went to the house of one of the families we are teaching– a mother and daughter. (Andrea and Jocilda) we have been preparing them to get baptized and this past week we went to their house to teach a really important lesson– but no one was home. We were frustrated (I was hungry haha) and we decided to wait awhile. While we were waiting one of their neighbors called out to us. Her name is Tatiana. She said that she always noticed us passing by every day and wanted to talk with us. We starting talking and wow, she is amazing! She told us about how she was confused because of all the religions that are in the world and is looking for the truth– guess what! we have it! haha. We ended up teaching almost 2 lessons in one and she accepted baptism. She told us that she could see that what we were teaching her was true. We started teaching her about the Holy Ghost and she said `Wow, I think I am feeling the Holy Ghost right now! I can see it in your faces´. She is so prepared for the gospel and just needed the missionaries to teach it to her. We will be working with her a ton this week to get her ready for baptism!
Also, I was fasting Saturday night. Saturday we were frustrated and tired because we had been working so hard this week and haven´t been having as much success as we hoped. But I started fasting Saturaday and that night so many great things happened!
We were working with a youth in the ward, he has 17 years and he was doing with member lessons with us. We were going from one part of our area to the other and he suggested we take a path we had never taken before. We were a little bit hestiate because it seemed longer but we followed anyways. During this path we started doing contacts and found SO MANY good people. Wow it was amazing. We started doing contatos de fogo (when you ask people if they would like to prepare for baptism on the first contact with them) and we had 4 people accept baptism! It was really amazing.
Anyways, just so experiences I had this week.
I have such a strong testimony of this church. I am having experiences here that I just can´t fully describe, but that I cannot deny. I know this church is true. I know it. I know that the work we are doing here is the most important work in the world. Man– I just love it! It´s definitely very hard at times– but so so rewarding. I cannot be ungrateful for one moment. I love this gospel.
Until next week!
Sister Hansen
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