30 do Outurbo: Happy Halloween!!!!

I think this is the first American holiday I have been here for! For Brazil: Halloween is just like every other day. But Sister Colleoni gave us chocolates.

so it has been commeorated. haha
This week has been super good! The last of this transfer. We will find out what will happen with transfer this upcoming Tuesday, but I am almost postive the the four of us will stay where we are.
This week we taught some of the elects… the best of the best. We have worked so hard these past few weeks to find the people we are teaching now and I know they were the people placed in our path to receive the gospel!
This past Saturday we baptized um rapaz that has 13 years. He is so great… super funny. We found him in the area book a while back and have been searching for his street for weeks now, we finally found it and were able to teach him and his cousin. He used to go to the church with his friends but stopped. But when we found him he was excited to return and already knew a lot about the gospel! He was baptized on Saturday and we are now preparing his cousin for baptism. I have pictures but forgot my camera!
We are also teaching a young man we found named Claudio. I am so impressed with him. He as 21 years and is very intersted in the church. The missionaries taught him a few years back and gave him a Book of Mormon but never had a chance to explain it before they were tranferred. He loved reading it though. He got so happy when we taught him the first lesson. He said ´No one ever explained to me this book before! Now I understand!!`. He said he already believed it was the word of God but accepted our invitation to pray again, read more for the Book of Mormon, and pray to know if the Church we represent is the true Church of God.
I am really excited to keep working with him but he works a ton so sometimes it hard to find a time to teach him.
Everyone here is getting so excited for the apostle! Turns out it will be Elder Renlend.
We are going to have choir with 15 missionaries, I think 8 Sisters and 7 Elders. I will be one of the sopranos singing! Last night we traveled to the area with the office and slept there overnight so that we could wake up early this morning, go to the church, and practice singing. I am so excited and grateful for this experience!
I am doing so well here and learning a ton every day. I know that this work we are doing here is the work of God. I am learning the importance of the Holy Ghost in my life… it was a gift I was given when I was baptized. As I do my part and give myself completely to this work, I have the priviledge to have the Holy Ghost with me always… to guide me and tesify through me of Christ. That is the true power of God.
I am here for Him. Not for my parents, not for my friends, not for church leaders.
I am here to serve Him… A priviledge that I will never fully comprehend and that I am striving each day to fulfill.
I love love love the gospel of Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you all too 🙂

Sister Hansen

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