November 7, 2016

Okkkaaaayy! Blog update AGAIN. haha. I know I says this every week but the weeks really do fly.

This past Tuesday was transfers! Not much changed.. I will be staying here in this area with my companion– Sister Sigarán. I am so excited! She is really incredible and I am learning a ton from her.
For those of you who don´t know, our area is called Rio Branco. It´s close to Alicrim (I think Alicrim will show up on the map haha) But it´s right on the coast! We see the beach everyday and has a nice ocean breeze always.
Our area is pretty dang big so it´s a lot of walking every single day!
This week we saw a lot of miracles. We found some families that are really just elects.
This past Saturday we batized a man named Cleiber. He lives alone but has a family that lives in the Interior. He really was a miracle baptism but I don´t have to time about his conversion right now!
Mainly I just wanted to bear my testimony today of the little things. The little most simple things of the gospel that in reality, matter the most.
I know that Jesus Christ lives. That he is my personal Savior. The Savior of us all. I know that He knows each one of us personally and intimately.
As much as I can´t understand His Atonement and all He went through for me personally, as much as I can´t understand the uncomprenheiable love that he has for me and each one of us, I know that it is real. I can feel it. He has saved me in the most difficult moments in my life. He is the only one who can understand because he lived what I live. He has felt what I feel. He knows me and He loves me.
The amount of gratitude and love I have for Him is something that words cannot be put to. I pray with all my heart that all the people here can come to know Him and have the same change of heart that I feel in my own.
I know with certainly that Joseph Smith was called as a prophet of God to restore His gospel here on the Earth. I like to ask our investigators, what is the difference between restore and reform?
Reform is to remake… to change things… to change the nature of a thing that already was.
But restore means to bring back in the exact same form. Without changing anything at all. The nature of the thing is the exact same.
This is what Joseph Smith was called to do, to restored the Church of Jesus Christ here on the earth. I know that this happened.
Today I have the blessing to represent Jesus Christ and help others to come to His gospel.
I LOVE IT. With all my heart 🙂
That´s all I wanted to share this week.
I challenge each of you this week to seek. I don´t know your personal problems/doubts/trails/needs…. but Jesus Christ does. Seek Him and He will help you. He has blessed us with His restored church here on the Earth, the least we can do is use the blessings He gives us!
Love you all, Sister Hansen

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