3 families and lots of miracles!

This week was great and I think this next week will be even greater!

This past week my companion and I had a lot of success with some of the investigators we have been working with these past few weeks. We feel as if we are finally starting to enjoy the fruit of all of our work!
Right now we are teaching 3 families that are really really special.
here is the story of each!
First: Luciana and Carlos.
Luciana is a contact Sister Sigarán and I did our first couple of weeks here. We were walking to our area (about a 45 minute walk) and we passed a lady stilling on a wall with her son and daughter. They were selling some kind of little food thing, I can´t really remember. Anyways, we did a contact with them and it turns out they live in Rocas! One of the parts of our area. It was a really special contact with them and her and her son accepted baptism on the first contact (the daughter in too young). Anyways, we wrote down her number and address. After that we called her in the following weeks but no one ever responded and we couldn´t find her address. it was really sad, we always looked for them with we passed the place we found them but never saw them again. Anyways, this week we were in our area (Rocas) passing the house of a different investigator. He wasn´t home though. We keep walking when a little girl called out to us. We had no idea who she was but she said to us `oh! my mom is going to your church on sunday!´ we were really curious so asked her if her mom was home, she said yes. We went to her house and it turns out it was Luciana!!! We had completely forgotten what her daughter looked like! anyways, she was SO HAPPY to see us. She told us she had been thinking about us a ton and wanted to go to our church. This past Sunday she came to church with her daughter. We are going to start teaching her and her husband this next week (AND they are aready married. what a relief. the absolute hardest thing to do on our mission is find couples who are actually married and aren´t just living together…)
Second: Claudio and Lorena.
There are a few people here on the mission that I love crazy intensely. A weird kind of love that is super powerful. This is the kind of love I have for Claudio. Claudio is a guy with 21 years who is just an elect. I have wanted to write about him for the past few weeks but wanted to wait to see how things have progressed… now I am ready to share a bit about Claudio! We found him near his house and invited him to church. They next Sunday, he was ready and waiting for us to go to church. The following week we taught him the restoration lesson. It turns out he already had a book of mormon and had read parts of it but did not know what it means. He became SO HAPPY when we explained to him how we have the book. He said ´I understand so much better now! I always had the book and felt it was true but never knew what it meant!´ wow, you just don´t find people like him everyday. The following Sunday he went to church again and again loved it. He really wanted to be baptized but there are two problems. One, he works a TON. He is training in him job right now and doesn´t have hardly any time to recieve the lessons. Second, he lives with his girlfriend, Lorena. We explained to him the law of chasity and that marriage has to come before baptism. He told us he wants to marry his girlfriend but that we needed to talk with her. So we did! She seemed a lot more closed off than Claudio so we were pretty nervous with her. We finally sat down and were about to teach the restoration when she started opening up to us. She told us that one month ago she was pregnant but lost her baby. We switched right then and there to the plan of salvation lesson! it was a very powerful lesson. Afterward she accepted marriage and batism also. It was amazing! So we are going to be preparing them for both these things. After the lesson we asked her to pray. She did not want to but finally accepted. Her prayer was so beautiful. She asked God forgiveness for the anger she had felt towards Him because of her baby and asked that she could do the things necessary to live with her future husband, and baby, together again for eternity.
Third: Marcos and Ranielly.
I saved the best for last! This couple is maybe the most special couple I have ever met. Man. I just love them both so much. We found Marcos one day when we were searching for a house. He was selling cococas. (bascially a square of coconut with condensed milk and sugar… suuper delicious) anyways we did a contact with him. bought some cococas, and continued on our way. Later that week we returned to their house. When we got there Marcos was there with his wife, Ranielly, their three year old son, João Marcos, and Ranielly´s grandmother Apolonia. It was like a missionary dream with them!
They all sat down, turned of the TV and everything, and gave us their absolute full attention for the lesson. We taught them the first night the Plan of Salvation and told them that they could be a family forever if they follow God´s plan. They became so happy and accepted marriage. Honestly I can´t quite put into words how much I love this family. They are incredibly special to me already. Since then we have taught them the restoration, the law of chasity, and the gospel of jesus christ. They are so devoted already and excited for marriage and batism. In their house they hung a picture of the temple and say that can already see the miracles and blessings they are recieving in their lives because of the gospel.
Ranielly is one of the purest people I have ever met… This past Saturday we went to visit her and remind her about church they next day… she thanked us so much for all we do and told us about the peace she feels when we teach her. She told us she feels a warmness in her heart and a calmness and clarity in her mind when we teach her… she told us she feels so much relief during the prayers she is learning to give. We explained to her that what she was feeling was the Holy Ghost. It was such a tender moment.
I want so much to stay here in this area and see them give married and then baptized!
This past Sunday they went to church and loved it. They made a lot of friends and people were very welcoming with them. They already are excited to go to the ward party this next month!
Okay, those are the three stories. Sorry, kind of long. But I just had to share!
I love the mission more everyday. I know have a lot of weakness and a lot of things to improve on, but as long as I do my very best and give all I can to God and I see how He makes up all the difference. He makes my weakness strong so that I am capable of doing all His work.
I have pictures but I will have to send them next week!
Also this upcoming week the apostle is coming! I am so excited!!!!
Love you all
Sister Hansen

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