Catching up on two weeks!

Ooookay, I have so much to catch up on because last week I didn´t write a blog post!

First of all, last week the apostle came. It was Elder Renlund! It was absolutely incredible. We all got to take one giant picture with him and then we all got to personally shake his hand and introduce ourselves to him.
After that we all went to the chapel to hear him speak. He told us that he had 3 messages to share with us that day.
1. That Jesus Christ had personally sent him to our mission to tell us Thank You. Thank you for the work we are doing, and the people we are saving. He told us that it wasn´t him speaking but that it was a message personally from Jesus Christ.
2. That we had been sent to our missions by God. Not by any one person… but by God. We are exactly in the missions where we are supposed to be. He told us the entire process that apostles go through to send missionaries out into the world. He told us about the direct revelation he recieves every time to know where we need to go. He said it is impossible to make a mistake… it´s God spending us to our missions, not him. He told us that if we don´t know that we need to pray to know that because it will change our missions.
3. He old us that President and Sister Colleoni were also called of God to be our mission president andwife. He told us that it was a direct revelation that not only he received, but all of the 15 aposltles and prophet recieved, that President and Sister Collleoni are the couple that are meant to lead our mission.
Wooow! So powerful to hear an apostle of God share these three messages. The spirit was so strong in the room. I cannot deny that he is an apostle of God. I know that he is called of God to be His special witness.
After these messages President and Sister Colleoni spoke. Also Elder Bassett of the 70 and his wife. and then Sister Renlund
I wish I could write more of all the things they said but I just do not have time.
After they all spoke Elder Renlund spoke again. He share some incredible stories with us… how he was called to be an apostle… some mission experiences he had and some that his brother had… and a story about an apostalic blessing he gave that was super powerful. Honestly the whole meeting was just incredible. I just don´t have time to write all of it.
It was so amazing to be united with all the missioaries… also all the missionaries of our mission were there. I got to see the power that this misison holds and I was filled with so much gratitude to have this opportunity to be a missionary.
That was the highlight of last week.
As for this week…. it fleeeew.
It started out crazy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday… because Sister Stadler (one of the sisters I live with) got a really bad rash on her legs. They were itching a ton and it was to the point she couldn´t keep walking because it was just getting worse. So she had to stay in the house of a member and we did exchanges. Sister Sigarán (my companion) worked in our area with one of the members of our ward… and I worked in the area of Sister Stadler with her companion (daughter in the mission) Sister Velasco. (Sister Velasco is from Texas and is in her first transfer here in the mission!) It was a really great experience but super busy… after that Sister Stadler´s legs got better and my companion and I were able to start working in our area again so things calmed down a bit.
This past Sunday we baptismed a 35 year old man named Daniel! Wow, he is amazing. The story of his baptism is pretty cool…
So a couple of weeks ago Sister Stadler and Velasco were working in their area when a man (Daniel) stopped them. He told them that he was addicted to crack and wanted to stop. He asked if they could help him. It turned out that he lived in our area so they said that we would contact him.
The next week we went to his apartment and got to know him. It was obvious to see from the first visit with him that he was a man really special. I have never met anyone with such a desire to start a new life over. He told us that when he was a child he has been abused, so he started smoking and drinking. This eventually led to a drug addiction. He had been tryin to stop for years but nothing worked.
We taught him about the Word of Wisdom (a commandment of God about substances we need to avoid to take care of our bodies) and started a calender with him to help him to stop.
The next visit we had with him he told us that he had cut his addiction in half.
The second lesson we had with him we taught him the first lesson (Resturation) and all about the book of mormon. He told us that he believed everything we were teaching him and that he wanted to be baptized. He told us his life had improved so much since we started teaching him.
The next lesson we had with him he had completely stopped to use drugs and all the other types of substances that were killing his body (acohol, smoking, coffee, black tea… etc)
He told us how much better he was doing and how he loved reading the parts of the book of mormon we left with him and all the other literature. This past Sunday he was baptized! It was really incredible. His mom went and afterwards she started to cry and thank us for all we had done for her son.
This mission is such a great priviledge. I am so grateful to have the Restored gospel in my life. Because of the happiness it brings to my life I am here, serving a misison, to share it with everyone.
I love you all!
Sister Hansen

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