Tis the season to sweat..

haha, yes, the weather gets progressively more hot every single day.

Other than they heat though this week has been great! Well, great for me. Not so great for the Sisters I live with.
Sister Sigarán  (my companion) and Sister Stadler (one of the other Sisters I live with) got super sick. They each had a really deep cough… to the point they couldn´t sleep at night. And they lost their voices. Soooo… more divisão! (I don´t know the word we use in english… I think splits?)
I worked with Sister Velasco almost all of this week. The ´daughter´ of Sister Stadler. It was a good experience for both of us I think… but really really busy because we had to do the work of two companionships in two areas.
We worked our tails off though and we ended up ´fechando a padrão´ pretty early in the week which is good because Friday we had another baptism and almost couldn´t work at all Friday and Saturday in our area.
The story of this baptism:
So we baptized a boy named Samuel who has 9 almost 10 years. All of his family are members in the church but a little over a year ago they stopped going. His parents were sealed in the temple but some things happened in the ward and they got angry and they actually ended up leaving the church and separating for a while. But during the year they started living together again and feeling the lack of church in their lives.About 2 weeks ago our LMA… ward mission leader… gave us a list of less active members. We went to there house and found them. It turned out their son Samuel still had not been baptized but wanted to be.
We taught them all during these past few weeks and this past Friday he was baptized! Completing the family.
It really was a miracle baptism… We have seen a complete change in the lives of this family. The mom, Deisy, started working every Sunday morning about a year ago but she told us that she wants to return to the church and she will change her work schedule so that she can attend church with her son every week. At the baptism of Samuel she started crying and thanked us for helping bring her family back to the church.
Words can´t be put to the work we do here 🙂 I am loving this area and this mission so so much. I have seen so many miracles occur through the hands of God. I know that has I exercise faith He can use me as His tool.
I am not sure what will happen this week with transfers (I am super nervous… suuuper.)
But it will be great 🙂 I am excited to keep progressing here on the mission!

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