FELIZ NATAL FROM NATAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoo! NATAL!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting 6 months to write an email title like this haha

So this year for Christmas Santa sent me……
A new area! A new companion! And lots and lots of new responsiblities! haha
So yes we had transfers and lots of changes happened just like we were expecting! I have been transferred to a new area: Cidade Verde. (It´s part of Nova Panamirim for my dad who I know will look up where I am)
This area is in the same zone that I was already in, so this will be my 3 area in the same zone! I am super excited though because I have heard so much about this area. So a lot of missionaries have gone through this area/ward that I know and now it is my turn. It is known throughout the mission to be the richest area in the whole mission!
Our apartment is brand new and really really fancy. We have hot water for showers and everything! Also, the ward we are in is super amazing. Along with being known as the richest area in the mission, ths area is known as the area to get fat. haha. The members here love the missionaries and give us A LOT of food. A lot… haha.
Also, new companion!! The name of my new companion is Sister Telford. I will be ending her training here in Cidade Verde. She will do 3 months on the mission tomorrow and wow, she is already talking Portuguese like a champ! I am extremely impressed with her and excited to see what we can do in this area. She is from Saint George Utah and has 19 years. She has a huge desire to work and has no fear of talking with people and getting to know everyone. So I know we will have a lot of success here! Also something crazy, I know her sister! We had a class together at BYU-Idaho… we made that connection our first day together and since then we have made a lot of other cool ones too. Her dad served here in the exact same mission that she is serving in now so she has a lot of really cool history here!
This past week has been crazy with all the changes but things are starting to calm down a bit and I am really excited for Christmas this week. Tomorrow we will have our Christmas conference and all the missionaries of the mission will be there. After that just a few days and then I will be skyping with the fam!
Haha, lets see how it goes with speaking English. It´s been a good 5 months sinces I have had a conversation in English! I am so excited to see everyone though 🙂
Hope everyone has a great Christmas!!!!!!! Love you all!
Sister Hansen
 dsc05123 dsc05126 dsc05117

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