Felizest of felizes Natal pra vocês!

Ola família e amigos esta Segunda feira maravilhosa!

So a little about this week for you all:
Started out with our CONFERÊNCIA DE NATAL. Wow, it was incredible. Every single missionary from the whole mission came together. We heard some amazing talks and recieved some amazing training. First from the AP´s, then Jutson (a member…. we did skype at his house!), and the Sister and President Colleoni.
After that we had a fancy lunch all together and then every zone prepared skits to perform for everyone! (Ours was best, of course) They were extremely funny… Soooo many inside jokes of the mission. My family asked about some of the inside jokes/words that we have here on the mission. I want to make a list sometime. We have a TON.
Anyways… that was all Tuesday. Wednesday-Friday we were just working like crazy!! This week wereally started to get our rythmn going in this new area. We are teaching two families really really special here. I will write more about them a different week too!
Saturday we had a JATAR DE NATAL in the house of one member– Jutson. Wow, we ate somuch haha. THe AP´s were there, most of our district, and Sister and president Colleoni.
Sunday was NATAL!!!!!! We had church in the afternoon and brought some investigators to church. After that we went and did Skype with the family. I was pretty nervous but it really ended up being so great! I loved seeing everyone and I´m glad everyone in the family is doing well.
That was a bit of my week. I hope everyone has a great week and a Happy New Year!!!!!
Love you ALL
Sister Hansen

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