Feliz Ano Novo! #2017

Well I am not sure what happened. Yesterday I was entering the MTC is May and now it is January and a new year! Craaazy.

We passed the new years in our house. We played some games and stayed up late the pass the new years together and from our window in our new apartment you can see the fireworks and everything. I almost died of tireness because my body is so used to sleeping at 10:30! haha
This week we have been working in a whole new part of our area! So the area we are in right now isn´t sure big, and we have 2 sets of Sister missionaries here. Our first couple of weeks here were a little difficult becuase it seemed like everyone has already heard everything about the church.
So my companion and I were praying a lot that we could find a part of our area with people who haven´t heard much about the church already.
Anyways, one day we were walking in a road in our area that is literally just sand and I noticed a little trail that led away that I had never really noticed before. In that moment the Spirit hit me really strong and told me that we had to take this trail. I asked my companion if she had ever taken the path before because she has one transfer here more than me and she said no.
So I told her I wanted to try it! It was a really long path… and when we finally reached the end of it and it ended up leading into a little tiny neighbood type thing. Like 4 random streets lined with houses with a bunch of people in the street. We couldn´t believe it because this little neighbood seemed to just apear out of nowhere! We started doing contacts and asking the people if they had seen missionaries like us in their area before. Some told us they have never seem miisonaries like us and others told us that it´s been about 4 or 5 years that missionaries have been in the streets. For this area that is a ton of time!!! That was back when this area was only Elders!!
We have been only working there now. We have been having a lot of success and really getting to know the people there. We are trying to make a lot of friends in this area (joke around with the kids, memorize everyone´s name, etc) because we want the church to have a good reputation here.
It´s interesting in neighboods like this here in Brazil. Everyone knows absolutely everyone and people don´t really ´grow up and move away´… they stay… for their whole entire lives… in the exact same street…haha…
Definitely a cultural thing. I think I would go crazy. But they seem to like it!
We have been teaching a man this week who is really learning what it means to repent and the importance of the Atonement of Jesus Christ in his life. It´s been powerful to see. More on him next week!
Love you all! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!
Until next week 🙂
Sister Hansen
I have been really bad at taking pictures these last few weeks but I promise I will send some in the weeks to come!

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