One more transfer down!

Crazy how fast they fly by. I am excited and nervous for this next one… but I am 99% sure that I will be staying in this area. There are just doubts about my next companion because I am thinking Sister Telford will be transferred!

Well this week really was full of miracles for us.
We did almost all teaching lessons this week and nothing of contacts because we have a really great group of people we are working with right now!
These past few weeks have been stressful for us because we have been working with so many people with so many different types of problems but both I and Sister Telford felt like everything just miraculously resolved this week and the Lord took all of our work that we have been doing and gave us an end to this transfer full of success!
Yesterday we had 10 investigators who came to church. We will work with each and every one of them so that they can all be baptized!
Also yesterday we were able to help one rapaz be baptized. His name is Nicolas.He is incredible… Pretty shy and quick but extremely smart and receptive to the gospel. His dad, Andrey, was our baptism from a few weeks ago. And now him! He is so excited to be a part of the church and is already planning to go to camp with some of the other young men in our ward.
I just wanted to share one thought that has been on my mind this week:
Often times here on the mission it is easy to get in your head that when things are not going the way you want them to, it means you are not working hard enough.
 if you just work a little bit harder, if you just push more, if you just walk one more mile and talk with that one extra person that will create the success you are wanting.
However in these circumstances, instead of creating miracles, you are left feeling stressed out and often times abandoned by God.
God does not want us to work until we die… That is dilligence and that certainly is not exercising faith.
God just wants us to do our part… put in what we have… He knows we are imperfect… he knows we will make mistakes. And then, at the end of the day, he wants that we give the rest to Him. It is the relieving and peace-filling responds that He wants– for us to just let go.
We are each imperfect. We each have our weaknesses. Every single one of us needs God´s help.
How can we see His hand in our lives if we are not willing to give our burdens to Him? How can he create miracles if we are not willing to turn to Him for our strength?
Alone we will always fail, with Him we will always win.
I am amazed at how the Lord has used me and my companion this transfer, flaws, imperfections, and all… to complete His work and make His miracles.
This work is Him and it is perfect! I am so grateful to be a part.
Sister Hansen

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