February 20, 2017

Unfortunately I am going to have to make this email a little bit quick this week. But I´ll put in as much as I can!

So just to tell you all a little about the area I am in right now. Its called Cidade Verde and it in one of the richest parts of the mission. It is made up of a lot of buildings, apartments, and houses that you need to use an intercom to get into. that being said, proselyting can be a bit difficult at times! there are very very few people in street to do contacts with so most of the work we do are with references and using the Area Book.
but it is incredible to see how much the Lord helps us to despite some of the difficult circumstances, still complete His work and find His child who are needing the gospel!
About 2 weeks ago a woman from the United States called me and said that her nephew (who lives here) was needing our help. We called him, and he went to church Sunday. This man is absolutely incredible. I have never taught anyone like him. He is extremely intelligent and rich but at the same time very humble. I am so impressed by him. We taught him the first lesson and he understood everything. He is reading more than 3 chapters of theBook of Mormon every day and comes prepared to every lesson with a list of questions about what he read.
I am so excited to update you all about him more within these next couple weeks but my time is up right now. So love you all and until next week!
Sister Hansen

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