Misssionary miracles!

Well this week was crazy busy but this upcoming week will be even busier! The work here is just booming for us and we have no time to stop… Its a wonderful feeling 🙂

I wanted to type briefly this week about the situation of some of our investigators.
1. Alex: Alex is the name that we got a reference from from the aunt who lives in the US. This man truly is the most prepared person I have ever met to recieve the gospel. He absolutely loves the church and he now introducing it to his daughter. His life has been extremely difficult… his marriage is falling apart, he is losing money fast, and he was in a very heavy depression when we found him. But he has completely embraced the Atonement of Jesus Christ in his life and it is incredible to see how it is healing him. He is stopping to drink and smoke and he told us the strength he is finding the stop is in the Book of Mormon. He told us `You know its interesting… This book never talking about drug cures. It doesn´t have the sentence ´Stop smoking` one time in the Book of Mormon… but every day I read and pray, and at the end I have lost my desire completely to drink or smoke`
2. Daniel and Pricilla: So Daniel was a man we found at the start of this previous transfer. He told us that 2 years ago he had received the missionaries… but didn´t understand some of the doctrine (like why we don´t drink coffee, and why he needs to get married, etc) and so he wasn´t baptized. We told him that questions like that he could find answers to through the Book of Mormon. We told him that when he has a testimony of the Book of Mormon he doesn´t need to worry about all the little details… We challenged him to read the book of mormon every day for one week and pray to know if it was true… He told us that he needed on month.
This past month he has been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon every day. It has been a very intense process with him but he finally recieved the answer that he needs to return back to church. He has been coming these past few weeks and we are going to challenge him to get married to his girlfriend so that he can be baptized!
3. Luiz: This is a really cool story about Luiz. I don´t know if any of you have seen the movie ´The Village´… but where Luiz lives it is kind of like that. I don´t even know how we found his house because it is literally in the middle of nowhere and I am certain the missionaries have never gone there. I think we were just led directly by the spirit to his house! Anyways… He lives in like this circle of houses (each house is a different brother) and all the huge family lives together. His house in in the middle. We found him also at the beginning of this past transfer… Anyways… we taught him the first lesson and left him with the Book of Mormon and challenged him to read one chapter (2 Nephi 31)…. One week later we went back to see if he had read the chapter we had left…
Yes, yes he had.
He didn´t just read 2 Nephi 31. He read TO 2 Nephi 31. haha Yeah he started at the beginning of the book and read all the way through 1 Nephi and almost all of 2 Nephi! It was amazing!
He loved everything and had lots of questions… We have been working with him a lot since then but the progress was going really slow. Though he was reading he wasn´t going to church. We told him that he needed to go to church to reallly recieve and answer. So finally he did! But then it started to get slow with him again and we were thinking we would have to stop teaching him. In the end we decided to teach him the Plan of Salvation and challenge him to be baptized. We taught our lesson this week of the Plan of Salvation and left… thinking that it wasn´t going to work out with him.
Friday night we returned to talk with him….. We sat down and before we even said anything he started to talk. He said that after we had left he got a really really good feeling. He said he felt so much peace and he had certainy that it was the Holy Ghost. He told us it was the same feeling he had when he went to the church. He told us that he knew it was the Holy Ghost answering him.
We could not believe it!!!!!!!! Seriously it was so amazing. We asked him what he needed to do with this answer… He told us that he needed to follow it. We asked him how he could follow it… He told us he needed to be baptized. He told us, ´´Eu quero ser batizado logo!´´ the translation of that would be ´´I want to get baptized as soon as possible!´´ Honestly this was one of the biggest miracles I had seen on the mission so far.
I know without a doubt that this is God´s church. How could I ever deny it after seeing the changes that it makes in people´s lives? It is the evidence and miracles that it is all true! We just exercise a little bit of faith and then exercise humility and have patience to let our will become the will of the Lord and then, the miracles happen! It´s a very real thing. Its not just feelings, or thoughts, or a nice theory to give more direction in life. It´s the Truth!
I am so grateful that God LIVES and that He has not abandoned His children. He calls living prophets and living apostles. They recieve revelation for THESE days. He has organized His church on the earth and He is at the head of it. It doesn´t matter what others say or what Satan tries to do to destroy it…. Its real and its the truth and it will always stay that way.
I absolutely know all of this. And I know it because God has answered my personally. I prayed, asked Him, exercised faith and waited humbling for God to answer in His time. And he has answered. Many times! Over and over again I receive the same confirmation! For this I am here doing His work 🙂 I love Him and I know He lives!
I also would just like to say really quick that with each of these experiences… Every single one of these people were converted because they were reading the Book of Mormon. It was not anything me or my companion said…. It was completely because of their willingness to read, ponder, and pray. We don´t convert anyone. We just invite. The process of conversion it completely between them, and the Lord.
I have more stories but they will be coming next week!
Sister Hansen

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