Well the week of Carnaval passed without too much drama! Here it was really calm… to tell the truth.. too calm. There were a couple of parties going on but other than that there was absolutely NO ONE in the street. Everyone was traveling… So we had a hard time doing contacts this week. But this upcoming week will be better in terms of new invesgators. But to tell about this week….

So to be honest I have been really excited to send this blog post for weeks now because all that happened this week we have been working here for for two transfers!!!!
We have been working with two different families for many weeks now… But in both cases of these two families the husband and wife were not married so we could not baptize them. But we started working with them, almost every day of every week! and this past week we had a huge wedding in the church and both of these two families were married!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, it was the most incredible thing I have ever been a part of.
The first family is Gabriel, Ivonete, and their son Igor. We found them my very first week in this area. They have gone to church every single Sunday (without missing one) every single week that I have been here! They are really really amazing. We have worked with them so much and it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission to see them get married and then baptized the following day. Their son Igor is only 4 years old but one day he will be baptized too and serve a mission!
The next family is Family Alves. Consists of: Pedro (dad) Neide (mom) Bia and Julia (twin daughters) João Paulo (son) and Gilerme (baby son). I can´t even start to tell the huge story of this family… They started to learn about the church because their neighbors are members and introduced them. The Sisters that were here before me started teaching them for about two weeks and then I got here and Sister Telford and I kept working with them! I know that this family was prepared by God to receive the restored gospel. I have no doubt about that.
I have never seen Satan try so hard to stop a family from progressing and receiving the gospel. Literally everything that could have gone wrong with this family, went wrong. haha. Family members getting sick, moving houses, losing work, lost wedding documents (they had to travel for two days to get their birth certificates) and a whooolllleee lot other stuff! But this family has stayed so strong because they know that the gospel is true and they knew they needed the blessings of marriage and baptism.
This past week it all finally happened. The parents were finally married Saturday and the same night all 5 of them were baptized.
I can´t describe how happy and spiritual it all was…
Sunday everyone in the family were confirmed and the blessings they recieved were beautiful. It was said in the blessing that they will continue firmly in the church and Julia (one of the daughters) was blessed that one day she will marry in the temple.
It was also the Sunday of testimonies and Pedro went up in front and bore his testimony to everyone. He talked about the blessings he had recieved because of the restored gospel and how is son had described to him how clean and relieved he felt after being baptized. He said that a weight had been lifted from him and his family.
Yeah, I cried a lot this week! Lots of spiritual feelings!
I only have a few pictures this week but there should be more coming within the next couple of weeks of the wedding and all that.
But I just want to tell everyone here on the blog that over and over again this week I received the confirmation that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the one and only true church of Jesus Christ here on the earth. I know that without a doubt.
No only way works, no other path leads to salvation. Every one needs the blessings that can only be found in Christ´s restored church.
After Christ´s death, many truths were lost. Not just of doutrine, but of ordinances of salvation. People became lost and confused and many still are today.
But because God loves us and will never abandon His children, He called a new prophet, Joseph Smith, and through him Christ´s chruch was restored more perfect that ever before.
Today, Christ´s church is again on the earth in its fullness. The blessings of true doctrine, modern revelation, and ordinances of salvation are available to all that are willing to accept.
I know that anyone who really seeks, reads the book of mormon, and prays will real intent, will recieve a testimony of it´s divine truthfullness. It is impossible not to. They will know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and through him Christ´s church was restored. I know that everyone that does this will recieve an answer… not only because I have seen it happen over and over again here on the mission… but because it has happened with me. I have been converted. I know it is true. I do not doubt it. I am so blessed to have the gospel in my life. It the most precious thing I have and I want to share it with everyone!
Love you all 🙂
Sister Hansen

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