March 20,2017

Well transfers were this week and I am staying here in Cidade Verde. Woooooooo!!!!!!

It´s my third transfer here but I am so glad I stayed. I seriously prayed so much to stay in this area because I love it. I love the ward, the area, our ivestigators… This is really the area where all the missionaries want to be sent and I have gotten 3 transfers here. Huge blessing!
Sister Sigarán stayed here in Cidade Verde and she got her new companion, Sister Sutton. Sister Sutton is the best! She is 6ft1 high jumper from Indiana who speaks Portugese like a champ and is entering her last transfer here on the mission. I really really like her a lot. (I don´t know why the keyboard is typing slanted all the sudden). 
Also Sister Newman was transferred to the country side (really sad to see her go).
But I got my new companion!!!!
Minha filha: Sister Marques 🙂 🙂 🙂
that´s right, I am now mãe in the mission! haha
I got the phonecall Monday night a week ago saying that I would train and Wednesday morning I went to the mission office and got my ´daughter´ haha (the sister that I am training)
Sister Marques is from São Paulo and she is seriously just adorable.. We are having a lot of fun together already. It´s a lot of responsiblity for me but I am loving it. Training seriously always was my dream here on the mission and I finally have the opprotunity!
We have a got a lot of work cut out for us these next couple of weeks and we are going to try really hard to find new people who are prepared to accept the gospel (finding new investigators is the struggle of this area) but I know  there are people here waiting for us and it is just our job to follow the spirit and find them!
Thanks for all the support you all send me every week. I so grateful for the opprotunity I have to be here as a missionary in Natal Brasil.
Com amor, Sister Hansen
Painho da missão 🙂

This is Marcos… He is amazing! He is like our dad here in on the mission. he does everything for us… gives us rides in his car, food all the time, etc. I love him!

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