April 3, 2017

Well this past weekend was general conference and it was so amazing! (A lot better than the first general conference I passed here in Brazil.) My last conference here I was with Sister Sigaran. It was the first week of the transfer and we were opening the area… So we werent able to bring anyone to the church to watch it with us. Also I still wasn´t understanding Portuguese perfectly so I didn´t quite understand all the messages…

But this conference was a million times better! We were able to invite and bring quite a few investigators/recent converts and best of all… all the Americans in this area got together and we all watched it in English! It really was a treat to hear the voices of our apostles and prophet and be renewed by their messages. Before this conference I was preparing a lot for it with my questions and concerns that I had. I took them to the Lord and asked Him to give me answeres during conference. It was very powerful to me how perfectly God responded my questions. I really want to share my testimony that I know that the prophet and apostles have been called of God and have recieved the revelation needed to guide us.
These past few weeks we have been working very hard in our area. After 3 transfers in this area I am starting to feel as if we have talked with everyone down to the very last cat. But these upcoming weeks we have some new ideas of how to find investigators that I am excited to put into place.
Just a few experiences from the past few weeks I wanted to write down:
1, last week we were assalted! Twice! On the same day… haha. It must have been national assalt day and no one told us because seriously it was pretty weird… I have never been assalted and it happened twice in the same day! The first was 11 in the morning and we were walking in a street that probably wasn´t the best but we thought… it´s 11 in the morning… we should be good. but yeah, a man came up on his motocycles and asked us to give us our cellphone (which we did not have because it broke) and when we told him we didn´t have it, he just left. The second time was 9pm and we were right next to the church going home when a car drove up and a man jumped out with a gun and made us pass everything we had! It was pretty annoying because we didn´t have really anything that would be of worth to him, but just our stuff that is of worth to us…. like our planners, scriptures, one of my nametags, etc. anyways! We are working to make up for the stuff that was stolen.
2, We talked with a woman a few days ago that was probably the poorest woman I have ever taught here on the mission. She literally did not have anything of money or home (she had two children) and she was very confused about God. She showed us the bowl of melon that was the food for her family for that day and told us that she didn´t know how she would get food the next day. It was very sad and eye openning for me. Though she does not know why she is going through the problems she is having, she is a woman of GREAT faith. She shared with us some of the miracles that have happened in her life and how it has helped her to know the existence of God and His love.
That´s all I have for now! Llove you all!
Sister Hansen

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