April 10, 2017

Heeelllooo alllll!

So this week flew by… not even sure if it actually happened. haha. Things have been coming together really well in our area. We have been working a lot with our recent converts and some of the less actives in our area trying to make sure they can all make it to church so the ward can continue growing.
one of my favorite things to see as a missionary is when the ward takes a new member and does all possible to make him or her a part of the ward family. These last couple of weeks we have really been seeing that happen.
Some of the recent converts we have are having a hard time with some personally difficulties.. This past Sunday the members went to their houses, gave them support, gave them all a blessing, and reassured them that if there was anything they needed, the members would be there.
I wanted to cry when I saw this happen because as missionaries there is only so much we can do. After baptism it is really up to the ward to start taking care of those recently baptized people. Members have SUCH a huge impact. I was sp grateful this past week to see the dedication of the members of our ward.
The other thing that has been the focus of our week… Priscilla… One of our investigators. She is absolutely incredible!!! But… she is Espirita… This is a religion here in Brazil that is quite interesting. They believe in reincarnation and that we will one day become spirits of light. Our lessons with her have been so interesting and we are loving seeing the progress she is making. I am grateful for opprotunities to teach people like her because I understand better the importance of the Plan of Salvation. How perfect and complete the plan really is.
On the mission I have had the chance to learn about LOTS of different religions… Brazil is a very religious country. But nothing can replace or even come in comparision to how perfect and complete the restored gospel is. It is literally without flaw.
I wanted to bear my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I can´t say how many times the Book of Mormon has done miracles here on the mission… With whatever problem… whatever question… whatever concern… the Book of Mormon will resolve it all.
I have never converted a single person here on the mission. Not one! The more I am here the more I realize how little we do as missionaries. We just provide the tools. That´s it! It´s really the relationship between God and the investigator that makes the conversion happen. And it all starts with reading the Book of Mormon. If anyone wants to know if this church is true… They just need to read the Book of Mormon… Think about what it means… and then ask God, with real intent, if it is true… If you do those three simple things: read, meditate, and pray… the truth cannot be withheld from you.
It´s so freaking true 🙂 haha
I love you all! great week 🙂
Sister Hansen

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