Feliz Páscoa para todo mundo!!

I feel so much gratitude for this time of year and the peace and joy that I personally can find because of my Savior Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us all. Not only that he lived and died for me, but that he is ressurrected, he lives, he overcame death so that I can live. Only He was capable of such an act of love. I feel so motivated personally to be the best I can. I cannot be ungrateful or unhappy with I put Jesus Christ in the center of my life. I feel so much love for Him and such a desire to share His gospel. I hope that all will come to Him, and humbly accept all that He is willing, and wants to give us.
This week was really good! I could really see the hand of the Lord in so many ways… Sister Marques and I are so excited for this last week of the transfer. Really the time with her has passed by so fast, I can´t believe this next transfer is already coming. I really want to finish her training but I will most likely be transferred to a different area. I already have a lot of time here and I just have a feeling I won´t stay… All of my mission has been in the same zone so I think I will go to some place a long ways from here… I am hoping it is way out on the countryside!! but we´ll see here in a week what will happen.
I have a crazy story for this week!
So Saturday night we got home and I was extremely tired… So I took a shower and went straight to bed. I was sleeping very soundly and dreaming when all the sudden I heard someone shouting in my dream. They were yelling my name and I didn´t know what was happening. I woke up and realized that it was my companion that was yelling my name over and over… (4am in the morning) She flipped on the light and yelled ´Sister you have to wake up!!! You can´t move! There is an animal on your bed!!!!´
Of course, I moved… haha
I sat up super fast and when I did a nasty black rat looking think fell off bed and started to crawl/limp super fast out our door… I screamed SOOOO loud haha and jumped off my bed… We both went running to the room of the other sisters and I leaped up onto the bed of one of them. It was only then that we realized that the nasty black creature was a bat that had flow in our window and somehow ended up on my bed 😛 haha
I think it´s wing broke though because it couldn´t fly and it moved SO DANG fast. It was 4am it ended up getting trapped in the room where all our stuff and suitcases are. There is nothing we could do but just shut the door and go back to bed.
The next day we woke up and started searching… but we had to leave and no one found him. We thought maybe somehow he had escaped or something. That night (last night) we got home and we were all convinced that he had gone out the window or something because we had searched EVERYWHERE. We were all in our room at 9pm and we were watching one of the new church films on our little DVD player when Sister Marques started shouting haha he had appeared!! Seriously I have never seen such an ugly animal… it´s like a rat with wings.. and the nose of a pig. The other sisters would not get near him… just me a Sister Sutton. So it took almost an hour but we finally ended up trapping him in a spagethii strainer… and then in a box. And then I had to run with the box down the stairs (we live on the 4th floor) out the apartment complex and into the street to let him go. He was scratching the box the whole time and making all kinds of rucas 😛
To say the least, I have a new phobia. I DO NOT LIKE BATS.
I am out of time but hope you all have a incredible and bat free week!
Love, Sister Hansen

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