May 2, 2017

Well my mission has changed!

After 11 months in the same zone I have final left the captial and have been transferred to MOSSORÒ! whoo! the famous Mossoró haha. Everyone talks about this part of the mission and I have always wanted to see how it is.. and now I am finally here!

 It is very very different than what I was used to. Honestly I feel like in many ways I am starting over as a missionary because everything is so different. I like it a lot though! There are a lot more people in the street to talk with and everyone is really receptive.
One of the other changes that happened for me is that now I am a sister training leader. My companion is one of the other STL´s also. Her name is Sister Senes. We have the responsiblity to help talk care of the sisters in our zone… We just try to be examples and we go on splits with them a lot to help them out with their area.
I was really really sad to leave Sister Marques because I wanted to end her training but I knew I wouldn´t stay more time in Cidade Verde. I am really going to miss that area though! I never loved a place so much as I did Cidade Verde
I am excited for the new things that are happening here in Mossoró though and I know it will be a good experience for growth here!
Love you all
Sister Hansen

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