May 8, 2017

Hello everyone! So this will be a very quick email. My week flew by! We are getting settled in here in the new area. If there is anything you all should know about Mossoró is that is is HOT. Very hot. We walk out the door every day and we just start to burn.

The great thing about this area though is that there are always people in the street to talk with. We walk about an hour to get there every day but it is worth it because there are so many great people there who want to learn about the church.
We had some good success Sunday bringing people to church so that means our work will be cut out for us this week!
Right now I am back in Natal because we had to travel for the Leader´s cousel but we will be heading back Tuesdaynight.
It´s a 6 hour bus ride so I am pretty tired but excited for tomorrow!
I´ll write more next week… love you all!
Sister Hansen

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