May 15, 2017

Happy Mother´s day to all the mothers out there!

I think this was the best mother´s day I have ever had!… Seeing as I am not a mother there usually isn´t anything too exciting happening for me. But yesterday, thanks to this great holiday, I got to talk with my family! Whooo!!!

That was definitely the highlight of the week for me. It was so great to see everyone and catch up on what is going on in life there.
This I was only in our area for one day. There ending up being no tickets for the bus tuesday so we had to stay one more day in Natal and we only returned Wednesday the late afternoon. Thursday morning I went to an area called Urick Graffi to stay with the sisters there for a few days. My ´companion´ for these few days was a new sister on the mission called Sister Moss. She only has 2 weeks in Brazil and is in the process of learning the language. Being with her really threw me back to how it was a few months ago here and how it felt to be alone learning a new language.
I love that area! Wow there really are a lot of incredible people there just waiting to recieve the message we have to share. We found so truly amazing families to teach while I was there and honestly I was a little sad to leave because I wanted to keep teaching them!
I came back Saturday and it was a rush trying to pass by the houses of everyone and and remind everyone of the church.
Also this week Cleopatra was baptized! Her story is pretty incredibe…
We met Cleopatra one week ago at the church. We were walked into the church with our investigators and we say here sitting there and we thought she was a member so we introduced her to some of our investigators and told her that they were visiting. She then said ´Oh really, I´m visiting too!`
We don´t know who invited her or how she got there but she just showed up!! She told us she has attended the church many many years ago but had then stopped coming. But she had been praying and felt a very strong impression that she had to return to our church. When the meeting started I sat next to her…. In the middle of one of the speakers she leaned over to me and told me she wanted to be baptized in the church and asked what she had to do.
I honestly became speakless! this is first time anyone has actually ASKED to be baptized! haha. We spend every day running around trying to find anyone who is interested and then Sunday she just showed up, all ready with a desire to be baptized!
We talked with her a lot afterwards and taught her all the lessons and it is incredible to see how much the Lord has been preparing her all these years for this moment.
I know that there are so many peope waiting for us that are needing the gospel. Not all of them will have the same motivation to just show up at the church like Cleopatra… but maybe they are just needed an invitation. Or a lesson from the missionaries. Or a Book of Mormon. We cannot forget the importance of the message we have or loose our desire to share it. There are the elects of the Lord who truly are just waiting.
Don´t have fear to open your mouth and start finding them!
I love this work. It is the most important work that exists. I love Jesus Christ and the difference His gospel makes in the lives of the people who accept it. The more we learn of Him and imitate His way, the more we become like Him and prepare ourselves for the life to come. The plan is perfect.
Great week to you all!
Sister Hansen

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