May 22, 2017

It´s time to update the blog!!!

So we are now entering the last week of the transfer… (this transfer was only 5 weeks long for us)
Also this is the last week on the mission for my companion. As well as one of the other sisters that lives in our house.
In addition to all that we will be moving apartments either this week or the beginning of next week so that will be absolutely crazy busy.
This past week was the week of sickness. My companion got sick and has to stay home Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We went to the hospital Thursday to pump her up with medicine haha. She is still recovering but she is a lot better now! Two of the other sisters got sick as well and they went to the hospital yesterday night. I am thinking though that everyone will be healthy by Tuesday
I did a lot of splits with the different sisters in our house this week. And I worked in all the different areas this week as well so it was really good to get to know the city better.
I wanted to share three quick stories this week…
the first is about a lesson that I did with Sister Silvério. The Elders passed a reference to her about a family that had been going to church in their ward that actually lives in our area. We went to meet them to teach them this week and it was one of the best experiences of my mission! This family is so ready to recieve the gospel. We taught them the Restoration and wow, it was such a powerful lesson. The next day we met with just the husband. He said that he read the book of mormon and prayed. he said that when he prayed he felt something that he had never felt before. He explained to us the powerful answer he recieved that what we had taught them was true. He said he didn´t ever feel anything like that in his life… in no other church… in no other prayer.. he said he knew it was true. Yesterday he came to church but his wife could not make it because it her son´s birthday and there were a lot of people visiting. But he has accepted baptism and this upcoming week Sister Silvério is giong to be teaching him a lot with her companion. I am so excited to see the progress of this family!
another thing I wanted to share about this week is that this week the 6 of us that live in our house went to visit a church (Different from the LDS church) here in Mossoró. I have always wanted to visit a church here in Brazil because churches here are very different than they are in the United States. It was a very interesting experience for me because I have never see a church like this in my life! In brazil they have about two types of religion… Catholic and Evangelic. We visited one of the the Evangelic churches that are really big here.
The biggest thing that suprised me about this church was how much shouting there was. The pastor yelled and yelled in the mircophone and the people were yelling a lot as well. There was a lot of loud music and there was one point when he started ´speaking in tongues´. Really I have never seen anything like it in my life. It was pretty eye openning for me to see the beliefs of this religion… I never realized before what a huge impact religion has on culture here. I understand better the people here and how they have been raised to think of God and our relationship with Him, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and their idea of the Holy Ghost and how the Holy Ghost communicates with us.
The last thing that happened this week is that Francisco was baptized!! Wow, think about someone I love… it has to be Francisco. He is a older man who is about 63 years old and he has had an incredible life and gone through some extremely difficult things. He lives alone… does not have a bathroom, bed, regerator, oven, stove, or even food. He was addicted to smoking and drank constantly when we found him. But after many conversations and prayers he completely stopped. He told us that every time we left he lost completely the desire to smoke or drink. The changed that happened in his was VERY fast. He went from smoking 20 cigerates daily to only two in one week. And the next week he completely stopped. This Sunday after the church he was baptized and he cried because he was so happy to be born again. He came back with a huge grin on his face and he started to give hugs to everyone he saw. It was so cute and powerful to see the change that had happened in his life. The Holy Ghost just radiated from him. He will continue a firm member for sure!
I am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost. On my mission I have learned a lot about how to understand His influence and follow His promptings.
Love you all, have a great week!
PS. We found out this week that here in two weeks (the 3rd of June) President Neilson from the quorum of the 12 apostles will come visit our mission!!!!!!! At first they thought the people that were living distantly from Natal would not be able to come but it has been confirmed that everyone will travel to the capital and be able to see him! it will be the second apostle to visit our mission in less that 6 months. It will be an incredible privilege.

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