May 29, 2017

Well this week it was my turn to get hit with the gripe.

Gripe is a word used in Portuguese to describe an enormous scale of sickness. It can be as small as a little cough to dying on bed. and all will be classificar under the same range of sickness: ´gripe´. haha

this week it hit me and wow it was kind of awful. It was the last week on the mission for my companion and we were trying to do a million things… so of course I got sick.

Like I have already said before in the blogs, they treat sicknesses very differently here. I woke up with a stuffed up nose, a sore throat, a little bit of a fever and a sore body. A classic cold. But they rushed me to the hospital and pumped me up on a bunch of different medications. they even took some of my blood! It was awful because to all who know me they know that I hate anything to do with needles or tubes hooked up to me.

Anyways… I am still without a voice but I am getting better.

This week I wanted to tell about a miracle that happened.

My companion Sister Senes was baptized about 3 years ago when she was 19 years old. After her baptism she started to dream about an old man and a boy that were in great danger. She always had to go rescue them… The old man always would grab her hand and hold it really tight and she would lead them to safety. She dreamed about these two people for many many years but never understood and did not know who they were.

When she came to the mission she started to feel like maybe she needed to find these two people. The man and the boy. She always search but never met anyone that she felt was this man nor the boy. These past few weeks have been difficult for her because she was feeling like she had failed to find these two important people during her mission.

Then a few weeks ago we met Francisco. I told his story last week in the email… His is really an incredible person. He had a very strong connection with Sister Senes since the beginning. And she told me that he held her hand in the exact same way as the man from her dream. He was baptized last week and we became very happy. But Sister Senes was disappointed still because she felt we never found the young boy.

But then at the end of this past week we were sitting and talking with Francisco when  his grandson showed up out of nowhere. we didn´t even know that he lived next door to his grandchildren! This young boy is one of the most spiritual children I have ever met. He told us that he dreamed with us and God and that he wanted to enter into the kingdom of God one day. Wow this young boy told us some of the most incredible things. This past Sunday (the last day on the mission for my companion) This young boy, Daniel, was baptized.

It was literally a miracle. It was so clear to us all that it was these two people that the Lord had been preparing for YEARS for us to find.

A few months ago my companion became very very sick on her misison and almost had to go home early… but because of her desire to find and baptize these two people she fought and was able to stay on the mission. It was a huge trial of faith for her… but she never doubted. This miracle that happened yesterday was such a clear answer to her and to us all.

This work is so so real. It is one thing to tell the story and another to experience it. I am so grateful for my decision to serve a mission and see these miracles and experience them personally. I feel closwer to God than ever before. I know that they were only possible because what we are doing is the true work of God. I know this is His church with His authority.

Have a great week to all 🙂 love Sister Hansen

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