June 5, 2017

Well friends and family… this week was full of changes!

First of all, transfers came. I am staying here in Mossoró and my new companion is Sister Udagawa!!!!!!!!!! She is from Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just kidding. She is a Brazillian. But her grandpa is from Japan so she looks kind of Japanese and her name is Japanese also.
She is perfect for me because she loves sushi and japanese food and we have also an idential sense of humor.
She has 11 months on the mission and we are having a blast together already! I really excited to be here with her.
President took out one of the sets of sisters here so now we are living in 4.
Sister Udagawa and I, and Sister Silvério with Sister Lima.
Honestly I could not ask for a better transfer! These sisters are amazing, we are in a great area, and our district and zone are awesome! I am so excited for the next couple of weeks that are ahead of us together.
This week we didn´t do much ´missionary work´ in the sense of walking in the streets and talking with people.. but we certainly did a lot of work.
Monday was P-day
Tuesday was that last day of Sister Senes and the phone call of the transfer
Wednesday was transfers day and we spent the whole day organizing all the sisters with car rides to get to and from the new areas
Thursday we literally spend the entire day cleaning for our move to the new apartment. I really need to send the pictures I took of the apartment because it was a WRECK. Seriously I have never been in an apartment so dirty and messed up. There is a huge wardwrobe where people have been throwing stuff for more than the 10 years the missionaries have been living there. we found more that 1000 baptismal records that were started but never completed that had just been left there.
That was one of the most tiresome days I have had yet on the mission because we seriously spent the entire day cleaning the apartment.
Then Friday we finally started to work some in our area… that was really the only day this week that we actually had our normal schedule of work.
Friday we went to the chapel at 9:30pm and we had to stay there with our zone until 3am in the morning.
3am we all got on the little bus the church had rented and we made our way back to Natal to see the apostle who had come to visit our mission: Elder Nelson!!!
I had the privledge of shaking his hand and meeting him personally face to face. He talked much with us about the importance of the work we do. Not just for this life but for the life to come. With him was his wife, Elder Costa, from the 70´s, Elder Costa´s wife, and our mission president and his wife. I learned so much during this meeting with him. I felt so strongly his love for every one of us and how much he was worried for our wellbeing and happiness. I am so grateful for the priviledge to meet someone so incredible and with so much power as Elder Nelson.
Those really have been the highlights of this week. I am grateful for this time that I am having here in Mossoró and I know that this is the Lord´s work I am doing.
Until next week folks!
Sister Hansen

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