June 19, 2017

This week we worked harder than ever! Really have been seeing so great miracles happening in our area. We taught some very interesting people as well. One young man in particular has been really interesting to church. He has so many questions and really is searching for the truth. The sad part is sometimes he looks in sources that aren´t so good. I am pretty sure he almost knows more about the church than I do because he has looked up all there is to know about Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon. Literally everything! haha

So yeah… lots of questions 🙂 But he went to church this week and he is progressing really well!
We also met a woman this week who stopped us and asked us if we were from the church. We told her we were and she told us that a few months ago she had seen a church message that her friend had posted and that she had remembered the name of the church… she told us she had been praying to find this church and that God would show her a path and in that same we we found her!
We also talked with a couple this week who are from the Church Espírita. The wife has a sister who is LDS and who has been married in the temple but she didn´t know anything about our religion. She had some incredible questions and the spirit was very strong in our lesson with them. At the end she told us she also had been prayer 2 days prior to find the truth. We then appeared! Really these miracles that strengthens my testimony and my conversion to this gospel and the existence and reality of God.
I know that he loves each of His children and care for us personally.
My companion is so great and fun… we really are having a great time together. She is helping me to really take advantage of every moment I have here on the mission.]
The other day we went to our old apartment to clean it out… She was in one room washing the floor and I was in the other. She called me and when I went into the room she threw a bucket FULL of water all over me. Oh man… We ended up having a huge water fight there in the old apartment and getting all wet. hahha…
Really I am so grateful for where I am right now and the sisters I am serving with.
I know that I am doing God´s work.. Sometimes it is hard to maintain a firm testimony when you see others who have fallen away but the knowledge I have is personal and is a knowledge that God has given me through the Holy Ghost. God is real and he wants all to find his restored gospel. This is the reason I am here serving.
Love you all,
Sister Hansen

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