June 26, 2017

Helloooo all!

I didn´t even feel this week passing because so much happened… I felt kind of like it was just one long day.
Sister Udagawa and I are loving the new part of the area we are working in. It is showing to be a lot better than where we were before.
We spend the entire week going house to house and teaching! I love weeks like that… that are completely packed full of lessons.
Jerzzley progressed extremely well… He is 16 year old that we taught a week ago and had lots of questions.
This past Sunday he was baptized and it was really great! He is definitely a future missionary. He is excited to go to seminary and start learning more. The young men in our ward have accepted him so well.
Also this week we saw a lot of miracles happen Sunday! We starting going out to get all of our investigators for church. When we finally got there we ended up with 10 people! 3 families and two young men! We have really been struggling these past few weeks to bring people to church so it really was a miracle for us because this will give us a great start to this upcoming week.
It makes me nervous for transfers because I feel like we are finally getting established here and I would love to stay and continue teaching all these people but I´ll just have to wait and see what happens!
love you all!
Sister Hansen

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