July 3, 2017

I received a lot of emails this week so I have very little time to write a blog post this week.

But really this past week we have had some great experiences!
Right now we are in Natal for a conference with President and we will head back to Mossoró tomorrow night.
I am really excited to hear the training that President will leave with us.
This week we had a baptism! To tell the truth we completed a family this week which was a pretty incredible experience.
The room was so full for the baptism that people had to stand outside of the room. We were joking that there were more people for the baptism than there were for the sacrament meeting that day haha.
We did a division with some of the sisters this week as well. I went to Urick Graff with one of the sisters there and it was really great! We had some really good lessons with the people they are teaching there.
Well that´s all I have for this week! I know this is the church of Christ and that He is leading this work.
thank you for all the support that is sent to me daily through your prayers. They are felt!
Sister Hansen

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