Terminando a transferência em Mossoró!

Well tomorrow is transfers and I am not sure what will happen! my guess is that I will be headed to a different city. Maybe I´ll return to the captial…. or maybe I´ll be transferred even farther from Natal than i am right now! Really those are the two options in front of me right now.

This past week we really had some incredible lessons. The first was with a family that we have been working with the entire transfer. Elineide, Jean, Jean Jr, Geovanna, Gabriel, and Gilherme.
They are so incredible!!! They are a family that have just been waiting to come to the gospel. These past 3 weeks the entire family has gone all three times and they are progressing very quickly. This week we started to organize the marriage of the parents so that they can be baptized. Gilherme was baptized this past week and confirmed yesterday and the nbaptism was aboslutely packed with people.
Also this week we taught one of the best investigator that I have ever had…. Fernanda. Fernanda just fell into our path. I don´t know if I have written her story yet…
So we first found her boyfriend. but when we went to teach him she was there. She told us that she had a sister that had been sealed in the temple the week before and she had been wanting to learn about the church. We taught her the first lesson and the spirit was very very powerful. At the end she told us that 2 days before she had been crying and pleading with the Lord to help her and bring the truth into her life. She said she knew our message was the answer to her prayer.
She has been progressing so so quickly. We taught her the plan of salvation and she had some incredible questions. We talked a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and why is is necessary that He died for us. While we were teaching her I was really struck by how much we need Him. How really all depends on the sacrifice Chirst made for us all. And what a huge expression of love that was.
I have made it a goal personally to study more about His life and His love for me personally.
This past Sunday Fernanda and her boyfriend went to church together… Fernanda is 100% addicted to coffee but she said that after the church yesterday she was going to stop drinking it. Today she sent us an email telling us that so far she has not felt any pain or desire to drink or anything and that´s super weird because she is so so addicted and usually gets sick when she doesn´t drink.
These little answers to prayer have been strengthening her testimony and mine as well.
I really want to testify about something today that has been on my mind the entire week.
I absolutely know that God answers prayers. Answers to prayer are hard to identify at times and often we think it is just thoughts that are happening in our head or conindences. This week I was feeling kind of discouraged and so I started to pray… a lot. I was seeking to feel God´s love and that He was really concerned with me personally and this work that I was doing.
Sometimes we know that God is real in our head but we don´t feel Him in our heart.
That´s when we need to pray and ask His help.
I prayed this week about that exactly and He responded me so clearly. He sent me answers in 1000 ways. Principally through the scriptures and the church services.
I am so thankful for the 100% fail proof solution to my problems and concerns: prayer.
We must depending on God for all we need. We must depend on him every minute of every hour of every day. We cannot forget Him for one moment!
I love Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I really am nothing without Them. I am grateful to be a member of this Church and preach His Gospel.
I know it is true and I am grateful that it is true. I am grateful that we have a Father so loving to show us the way.

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