July 17, 2017

Helloooo everybody!!!

Greetings from the far off land of Mossoró! Transfers happened and I have stayed again! I am entering my 3rd transfer here which was a huge surpise. there was an 80-90% chance that i would be tranferred and I still don´t know why i wasn´t but i couldn´t be happier to be staying here in the area.
My new companion is Sister Guimarães. She is incredibly cute. She is from São Paulo and has one transfer more than me. she will be finishing her mission here!
Sister Lima was transferred and in her place came Sister Barney from the factory of missionaries… Utah.
We have been working a ton this week and meeting lots of new people. Our focus has been completely on Fernanda and her boyfriend. Wow they are incredible. Fernanda has progressed so well and LOVED the church this week.
we call her the Coffee Woman because she is completely addicted to coffee but we have got her drinking some other stuff so that she can stop.
I am really grateful for this ward and all they do for us. Yesterday at church i was feeling kind of sick and i felt so loved when all the members started getting worried about me and trying to take me to the hospital and all that.
I am grateful for their efforts and continuous love they give to us. Also the bishop here is great. He is very dedicated and helps us in so many ways.
thanks all i´ve got for this week but i will be back the next! tune in next time.
Sister Hansen

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