July 24, 2017

hello hello helllloooo

my Brazilian adventures have continued on here in the marvelous MOSSORÒ!!!<3
i have my list of the things i wanted to tell about for this week 🙂
So let´s see, first and formost. I think some of you may recall the story I told a few months ago about a bat that entered our house while we were sleeping and started attacking me.
Well we have decided that bats in general are craving for my blood because it has happened AGAIN.
We had a bat attack this week. While I was in our bedroom and my companion was in the bathroom taking a shower. All the sudden she started shouting and yelling and came out running in a towel and head full of shampoo. They the hugest bat I have ever seen entered our bedroom and starting flying around hahahaha.
It took awhile but we finally got him out… I really don´t like bats very much at all.
Next on the list. Fernanda is progressing so well. She is reading the Book of Mormon every day and receiving so many answers. She acts as if she already a member. Just without the baptism. We are working a lot with Vagner, her boyfriend, so that they can decide on marriage and start their lives in the gospel.
As much as I love the city of Mossoró… the city has seemed to reject me. I cannot count how many times i have gotten sick since coming here… and I have never been sick before on the mission! This morning I woke up with a lot of cramps and ended up throwing up in the middle of the street.
This has been the third time I have thrown up in the middle of the street here in Mossoró….
Yet, it continues to be a blessed land.
Lastly, I wanted to share a great experience with you all from this week.
This week my companion and I have been studying a lot about faith. We both feel that is an attribute of Christ we want to understand and apply better.
So it has been the focus of our studies and conversations. Something that has been difficult for us in our area is to bring people to church on Sunday. If you cannot bring investigators to church, you end up without baptisms and your investigators cannot progress.
This past week we fasted and prayed a lot to have investigators in church. I was trying so hard to exercise faith and put our work in the hands of the Lord. Just trust in Him to do His work… Sunday we went by the houses of
every one of our investigators to bring them to church, but with every house, the people gave excuses about why they would not go. Usually this leaves me frustrated and stressed out. But we continued just trusting in the Lord that it would all work out and their would be an investigator there.
We got to church without anyone. But when we walked in the door we found Fernanda there waiting for us. The meeting started and then a member walked in and sat down with her friend that she had invited. Then a young recent convert walked in with two of her friends that she had invited.
We ended up with investigators at the church thanks to the members! I knew it was because of the faith, fasting, and prayer we had put into practice that week.
I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH in the past few weeks. About how much happiness exists when we LIVE the gospel. About how faith can move mountains. About how we need to be postive and take advantage of every day. About how it doesn´t matter what others think of you… if you are right with the Lord, you are right with everyone else.
About the greatest form of happiness of all.. which is Charity. Or in other words, the love of Christ. Or in other other words… 100% selfless love for all those who are around you.
This is the answer and medicine for life. Apply it and everything will become better!
Oh how I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is very very true.
Sister Hansen

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