July 31, 2017

Woohhhooo!! Well although it seems that a lot is going on there in the USA (congratuations Skylar Hansen on your engagement)


There is still a lot of great stuff here to update you all on here in Brazil!

We had a conference will all of the zones here in the interior this week. My companion and I helped with some of the training. We talked about how to work better with the members! I really learned a lot preparing for this training and also hearing the training from our president and the other leaders.
We spend a lot of time with Fernanda and Vagner this week. This progress is happening for sure! There are a lot of trials in their way and temptations but it is incredible to see the faith of Fernanda as she continues to strengthen her testimony and help Vagner find his own.
Kauan was baptized this week! He is a boy we have been teaching for a couple of weeks that has neighbors that are also members.
Sunday was great and we were able to bring a buch of the nieghbors to church to partipate in the meetings and watch the baptism. There names are Isaias, Vinicius, and Felipe. Felipe and Vinicius are bothers and they are incredible! we have been working with them for awhile now and they are preparing to be baptized this upcoming week.
Wow lots of miracles are happening here! Something I have learned this week. The importance of remembering the REALITY of God. That He is more than a story or way of living. Prayer is more than a theraputic conversation we have in our heads. The scriptures are more than inspirational books.
When we remember the existence and understand the nature of God and really believe in Him, we begin to exercise our faith. Our prayers actually reach a Divine Being who is our Father and we can literally hear His voice in the scriptures we read.
I know that our faith is proven in our actions. And when we live our lives in a way that really puts God in the first place, when we center it on Jesus Christ and let Him become our King, we become happier than ever before and He can change us in ways we have never been changed!
I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love how real it is. I know this church is true and that God lives. I am grateful to be dependent on God.
have a great week!
congratuations Skylar Hansen!!! you did it!!!!! haha
Sister Hansen

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