August 6, 2017

Hello my american acquaintances.

It is with much sleepiness that i greet you this day.
I am very tired… haha
We worked SO DANG HARD this week. But it was wonderfully happy 🙂
We have been working with these boys that came to church last week the whole week long. They are probably the best young men I have found here on the mission. Educated, polite, very smart, love the church… I am so excited about them! they seriously LOVE the church.
Sunday they could not go because they were visiting their uncle in the hospital. But they are going to all the activities and this week we are going to focus a lot on getting them integrated really well.
Oh! Tuesday I received my box 🙂 After 5 months of surviving with cute cheap sandels i finally received some really work shoes. The box came here to Natal, then went back to the US, then came back here to Natal, then went back to the US, then somehow ended up in São Paulo… but then came here! Miracle!!
we did lots of goals with our zone tuesday as well to unite everyone with our goals and set a standard of obedience and work.
Oh and also we have a new LMA! He is the ward missionary leader. Our new LMA is awesome. He is all full of desire to serve and see the church progress and grow. I love the missionary spirit that is found here in Brazil. Really sometime very unique and special about this country. The people have so much faith and desire to serve God.
I would say at least half of the ward here are converts. The have a perspective that really is quite incredible. They know how it is to live without the gospel and the power and happiness that is found when we do live it.
We challenged Fernanda for a baptism date. the 20th of this month! She is deciding… The differences she is making in her life are huge and she is little by little coming to a surety and gaining her own testimony.
The highlight of my week was yesterday…..
Yesterday was the testimony meeting for our ward and it was INCREDIBLE. There were so many new members going up to the front and sharing their testimonies. I wish all of you could meet these people because they are amazing. I had one of the most spiritual sacrament meetings that i have ever passed on my mission.
One man shared his testimony. His name is Alderi. He is a convert of Sister Silvério that I live with. I was on a division with her for many of the lessons with him and I love this man. before meeting the missionaries… he didn´t like churches. He saw there was much confusion and lack of understanding. He didn´´t know where to go. But since his first day in the church he knew it was true. He bore his testimony that the book of mormon has changed his life and the life of his family.
He was baptized about one month ago… And he has already received the priesthood, a calling, and is bearing his testimony and is completely converted!
I don´t think there is anything happier in the world for a missionary than to see the people you teach progressing.
A wonderful thought our mission president shared with us  (the missionaries) that I wanted to share with all of you:
In the work of salvation there are no easy, immediate
results. It does not happen without hard work. When we
search for results fast and without effort, without paying the
price, we will only achieve worldly results, which does not
have the approval of the Lord. Some missionaries think
that to succeed in the mission they must do something
great and extraordinary, something heroic that will be
admired by all, but it is not so.
Missionary success follows the Lord’s model of
persevering in small and simple things: ” but behold I say
unto you, that bysmall and simple things are great things
brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth
confound the wise.” (Alma 37: 6).
” Wherefore, be not wearyin well-doing, for ye are laying
the foundation of a great work. And out of small
things proceedeth that which is great.” (D & C 64:33)
If a missionary wants to be a winner, he must be constant
in doing the small, simple things that will make him a
successful missionary, such as continually studying,
working hard, being obedient with exactness, praying
every day with power, loving everyone and others Small
and simple things that the Lord expects us to do. This
should be the blueprint for your whole life, focus on the
little things of the gospel, be steadfast in them until the
end, and then gain the great eternal life.
Sister Hansen

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